A part of living in this world sanely is the acceptance that things will not go as planned 100% of the time – especially if you’re a Goal Chaser. And when life throws those curve balls, if we aren’t prepared with a relief mitt to catch, we can easily be hit and knocked to our feet by the surge of stress.  

Before I share 5 easy ways to relieve stress, you must be able to identify how your body reacts to stress.  To ignore this simple step, could cause you much pain…and even a hospital bed.

For me, stress almost always goes for my shoulders. They tense up….my breathing isn’t as smooth…in fact, I hold my breath a little. Because I’m  able to catch this, I don’t stay stressed for long.

How does your body tell you that it’s stressed?

Below, I will share 5 simple ways to relieve stress fast:

Hello Serenity:
5 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress Fast

#1 Awaken Your Senses
Awakening your senses in a soothing way for your soul instantly begins peeling stress away.

Smell – Try adding a couple drops of essential oil (like this organic lavender one that I use) when running your bath.

Sight – Take a slow stroll in nature (beachside or walking barefoot on the grass works wonders!) to reconnect with what’s important, regenerate, and melt away stress.

Touch – Get a stress-busting massage. Need I say more?

Hear – Listen to some soothing tunes. Create a playlist with music that relaxes you (or lifts your spirits).

Taste – Eat some of your favorite fruit to give you a much needed ‘pick-me-up’ of energy. Mangoes work wonders. Seriously – give it a try.

#2 Talk About It
Share your troubles with a loving family member or friend. You’d be surprised how much lighter you feel by simply talking it out.

#3 Write It Out
Not quite the one for talking? No problem, write it out and imagine that with each word put on the paper, your concerns drift further and further away.

#4 Breathe baby, Breathe
This seems like an obvious one, but we usually do not realize how our breathing changes when stressed.  It’s typically more shallow and held for periods at a time.

Make a conscious effort to check in with your breath and make it slower and longer.  

Exercise to try: Close your eyes and breathe in for a silent count of 4 and out for 4. Repeat this 10 times.

#5 Sleep
Everything is better on a rested mind, and even better if you try any of the tips above before drifting off.

I hope this helped. Leave a comment below to share your favorite stress-busting tip!

Hold it right there!

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