Welcome to Money Making March! 

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Often times it isn't until the holiday season that we realize how poorly we've done with our financial goals for the year.

If you take heed this week to this post, you will not have the no-money holiday blues - period. 

Let's dive right in.

3 Little Ways to Save BIG

#1 - Paper Chasin'

With this method, a little goes a long way. Save every $1 or $2 or even $5 note that you get and don't spend them. By the holiday season, you will have extra $ to spend on food and gifts, or to roll over to the next year. 

Canadian? Save all of the toonie coins you get! In England? Save your pound coins.

This year I've saved every single $2 bill that has touched my hands and I have nearly $70 worth of 2s already with little effort. I reckon to have an extra $500 by end of the year with this. I've also began saving all the US$ bills that I get for my next trip there in July (The US$ is 1-for-1 here so they're used interchangeably with local notes and quite easy to collect).

Here's a pic of the beautiful Bermuda $2 bills I've collected so far this year!
#2 - Stack Up the Sizeable Savings

It can get a little overwhelming sometimes sticking to the half-your-earnings method, especially if you are new to saving or are still paying off your debts.  Because of this, I've created a simple sheet that I've entitled Goal Chaser Sizeable Savings to help you to save - allowing you to alternate between saving $20 and $5 a week. 

Sounds easy enough right?

By December 9th you'll have $500 bucks. Yup. And if you want an extra $1000 simply double my method - want $2000? Double it again.

The key is not to skip a week because it seems like such a nominal amount - soon when you're months down the road and trying to play catch-up it can get difficult. 

Feel free to save more than the amounts designated for the week too - make it your own!

PDF & Photo below of the Sizeable Savings Sheet so you can hop right to it:
Sizeable Savings Sheet.pdf
#3 - Jiggle All The Way - To The Bank!

If you're like most people - you don't like coins. They're heavy, noisy and aren't worth a whole lot. 

I get it - but hear me out.

Until year-end save EVERY SINGLE ONE you get. This means, when something is $5.05 cents, don't reach for that nickle - give $6 and take that .95c with pride.

At the end of each day - put all of your coins in a large durable container/jar.

In December take it to the bank's coin counter machine with pride.  You may need help to take it there because it'll be heavy.

I know someone who recently did this and was able to save over $1,200 and purchased a cruise ticket.  

Coins are not  useless - don't fall into the hype. If you see one proudly pick it up!


I hope you realize now that a little can go a long way. Participating in the three suggestions above can also be lots of fun.  Get a few friends or family members to join you and make a competition out of it.

You're Mantra For The Week:

I'm a powerful saving machine. Wealth flows to me with ease and I welcome it with open arms.

Until next week you super-saver xo
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