Many goal-oriented individuals are guilty of living in the future. Admit it, you’re guilty of the “I-can’t-wait-until-the-day-comes-when...” bug right?   We’ve all been there. 

Have you ever waited all year for a birthday, a special vacation, or a holiday to roll around, then before you know it, seemingly in the blink of an eye, it came and went and didn’t live up to your expectations?  If so, you’re likely living in the future.  

You're building so much anticipation for what is to come, and not enjoying the journey to get there and the moment when it actually arrives.  

You may even find yourself frequently, reflecting on the past, wishing things worked out differently, or wishing that you handled something a little better.  This doesn’t serve you either.

It’s time to hone in, slow down and take in all that is truly wonderful around us today, right this moment.  Only when we do this, does tomorrow ever shape up to be what we envisioned (and often times even better!).

How Do I Do This?

First, begin appreciating what you have already.

Next, stop focusing on what you don’t want any more of. Have you ever noticed the person who always says , “I don’t want any drama” normally has the most of it?  
I then want you to start focusing on what you have today that is working.  Feel your breath and marvel in the body’s ability to function without your input. 

The feeling of true bliss and fulfilment, which everyone wants at the end of the day, only occurs once we master living in the present moment - a gift we receive daily.

Let's Get Clear Here

By no means, am I asking you to walk around barefoot humming, skipping and smiling 100% of the time, because life is perfect, that isn't realistic (but you’re welcome to give it a shot if it tickles your fancy).   I do, however, want you to realize the importance of this very moment, as it shapes the moments to come. 

If you’re ready to build a brighter future by learning to master this present moment, then I invite you to try my 5 Day Core Energy Challenge

Goal setting starts on the inside, in the now.  This core energy challenge helps you to focus on the now, which allows you to begin building a better, brighter, more intentional future for yourself.

You need to participate in this free challenge if:
  • You’re glued to your phone/ipad/tv, and no longer look people in the eyes when holding a conversation.  We’ve all been guilty of being sucked into this one, right?
  • If you want healthier relationships. No one on their deathbed wishes that they caught one more round of the nightly news or refreshed their Facebook newsfeed once more.  They reflect on the things that truly matter - the time spent with loved ones and impact made.
  • If you're ready for more good to come your way
  • Want life to be easier and no longer want to simply "roll with the punches"



To have a better tomorrow, we must make good choices today!


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