The deadline that you've known about for nearly a month now is approaching, and you’re rushing to complete a task that’s due in the next hour.  Sounds familiar?

How about goofing around on your phone or computer all morning, then finding yourself racing to get out of the door in time for work?

We’ve all been guilty of befriending Mr. Procrastination at one point or another.

In order to be the best version of ourselves, however, the efficient goal-achieving machine that we destine to be, we must make the most of our time.  Time management is a key component to success.  Doing things in advance, doesn’t seem like a whole lot of fun, but it will actually free up our time to do the things we really want to do and lessen the stress in the long run.  

Let’s commit, going forward, to cut procrastination once and for all using the four simple tips below.

1.  Do the least fun thing first

Don’t believe the lies, “I work good under pressure” and “I need the adrenaline rush that the last minute provides”.  This is simply justification for an unnecessary strain on our bodies.  To avoid this, as soon as you wake up, tackle your biggest task head-on. 

Is it a tough call you’re avoiding? Some paperwork piling up by the day? Applying for a new passport?  Whatever it is that makes you suck your teeth and/or roll your eyes simply thinking about it, should be moved to the top of your to-do list.  It’ll make the rest of your day, and week, a breeze. 

2.  Batch process

Try and do the easy, yet time consuming / mundane / reoccurring tasks in bulk.  Iron your clothes for the week. Make dinner in advance and freeze it. Write a ton of blog posts at once (note to self).

Doing the easier tasks, which take up a bit of time, all together, actually frees up your time in the long run.  Respice finem – keep the end in view.  Now head down and get to batching.

3.  Break down huge projects

Do you have a really huge project to complete that you’re taking forever to get moving on?  Take a look at all of the moving pieces and tackle them one at a time.  Sometimes, looking at the big picture can be a bit overwhelming, and overwhelm can cause procrastination.  

Break down the huge task in smaller chunks and do them one at a time.  This way, you have little wins, encouraging you to continue on.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, moving house, cleaning the kitchen cabinets or have a monster project at work, take a moment and write down all that is required to pull it off successfully, then commit to one of the tasks at a time – starting now.

4.  Schedule it

It’s something about your alert on your phone or computer going off that makes it all seem real and urgent.

Schedule your tasks as if they’re a hot date or doctor appointment.  Just as you wouldn't miss these things, don’t miss the opportunity to kick procrastination in the butt.  Tackle that task once and for all by scheduling the time out to complete it.


I truly hope that this post helped my Last Minute Lucys out there.  Let’s commit for the next month (minimum) not to procrastinate, and let’s watch the magic happen together!

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