The biggest secret to success, is that there are no secrets at all, and there is no “one way” to get there. 

Many try to sell a “secret sauce”, with a promise that it’s the only way to succeed, the reality is, there are no cookie cutter solutions.  We are all so unique with many different goals and aspirations.

Like with any recipe, what one finds mouthwatering and scrumptious, may be too salty, too sweet or tasteless to the next person.

Let’s dive into 5 steps for your recipe for success.

1.  Main Ingredients

Just as you cannot be expected to make a pumpkin pie, without pumpkin and a crust, or to make chocolate chip cookies without chocolate or heat, there are just some things I think are mandatory when on the road to being a true success at anything.  

Those things are time, effort and a positive attitude.  

With the 3 ingredients noted above, you are half way there.  Couple them with the next 4 steps, and you are on your way to making the sweetest recipe you've ever tasted.

2. A lot of Strength – The Soft Kind

The word strength in this case isn't referring to the amount of weight you can lift, or even the degrees that you hold, rather the soft set of skills that come naturally (or that you've developed really well over time). 

Give this some real thought, because it’s an important component to your unique recipe.

What do you do well?  Throw in a lot of that in your big ol’ bowl, and watch the magic begin.  We are all great at something.  Whether it’s communication, remaining upbeat, taking in information, or even praying/meditating. 

Play to your strengths and your success will come quicker than you can say Betty-Croker.

3. Keep a Dash of “Why” Handy

What’s the big “why”, behind what you want to do?  Is it for your child(ren)? Is it to acquire a life of freedom and happiness?  Do you want to be successful so that you can make a difference in your country?  Do you want to attain a ridiculous amount of wealth (Psst – this one is best when coupled with others)? Do you want to give your parents a life that they deserve?  Is your "why" all of the above?

Whatever you big “why” is, make sure you keep it close to your heart and recall it frequently.  Especially if the road gets a little bumpy. Write it down and stick it to a mirror you frequently pass if you have a bad memory.  

Having the motivation that you need at your fingertips, is the equivalent to having a fire extinguisher around if you’re prone to catching things on fire.  It’ll keep you and your dream of success safe. 

4. Bake in the Priorities

What are your uncompromiseables? Yes, I totally made that word up, but what are the things that you aren’t willing to compromise on?  Is it your faith? Is it your health? Is it 8 hours of sleep?  Is it helping your child(ren) with homework?  What are the big priorities in your life? 

Make a note of your priorities, and if you find that what you’re doing is jeopardizing any of the things on your list, let this be a red flag that you’re not on the right track, and need to try a new approach.

Bake your priorities into your recipe, to ensure that they do not escape.

5. Pour in The Faith & Mix in the Support

Faith is needed by the droves when following dreams.  Whether that’s believing in your own abilities, in a higher power to assist you, or a combination of the two, you need to pour this in your mixture as soon as possible.  Create a list of positive affirmations, scriptures or quotes that uplift you.

Also, make a list of loved ones that you know will be supportive and of positive blogs / books that can support your journey- and be sure to use them.

Now, I know that was a lot to take in.  Luckily, I created a Cheat Sheet for you.  The sheet walks you through all 5 of the steps noted above. 

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25/11/2015 7:27pm

This is an inspiring post. For me success is relative to each person. Most people may think of success as being rich and popular, but it really depends on what a person wants to achieve. The important thing is that we always stay positive and that we never stop reaching for our goals.


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