The final quarter of 2015 is here!  Feels like just yesterday we were screaming, “Happy new Year!”

Many things have happened this year, and many plans made on January 1st, 2015, have fallen to the wayside; this is okay.  The start of the race can be important, but how you finish is all that really counts.

This week we will get right into 5 steps to end the year strong and I’ve even added a free gift to ensure you begin putting the work in to end 2015 with a bang.  Let’s get into that New Year spirit now.

1.  Mind Dump 
(free cheat sheet) 

With so much on the mind, and so many “need-to-dos”, it can prove difficult to find a starting ground.  This is because, for the most part, the laundry list of items remains in our heads.  Having a mental replica of Mount Everest, creates a great block which makes it difficult to take action. 

I recommend dumping everything out of the brain that needs to be done.  All of it.  From that deep cleaning of the kitchen cabinets to that call to your dear Aunt Elsa that you’ve been putting off.  Getting it all out of your head and onto paper is the first step to getting you back on track to end the year with a bang. 

Take it a step further by breaking the items down into “this week” “this month” and “before the year is out”.  Grab your Goal Chaser's Mind Dump Sheet Here to give you a hand.

2. Set Schedule

Once your mind dump has been done, go ahead and schedule the items.  Scheduling items on your mind dump list increases the likelihood that they will get accomplished.

I like to use the Google Calendar app on my iPad, but you could even use a traditional agenda.  Utilize whichever reminder system you normally use for appointments that you just can’t afford to miss. 

3. Commit & Execute

What’s a plan without execution?  What’s a treasure map worth if you never get the treasure?  Time to commit to follow the schedule set.  

How badly do you want to achieve?  How willing are you to give the rest of the year all you’ve got and end it with a bang?   Be sure to commit this time, once and for all to finish that which you set your mind out to do. 

4. Grab An Accountability Partner

There’s something so powerful about having someone in your corner.  Find an accountability partner that's on a similar journey as  you and share goals, keep each other on track and encourage one another.  

My accountability partner, Dr. Toneka Etienne and I speak daily about our goals, fears, difficulties and successes.   Since joining forces earlier this year, our goals have been achieved at a rapid pace.

Toneka wrote a post just a couple weeks ago all about the power of an accountability partner.  You can find it here. 

Grab yourself a good accountability partner  and you’ll reach your goals with swiftness, I promise.

5. Begin Now

Last step is to start now.  Not tomorrow, not next week, not even later on today.  Grab some tools right away:

Goal Chaser's Mind Dump Worksheet
Blog post about Accountability Partners

Begin now.  No excuses.


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What’s a plan without execution? What’s a treasure map worth if you never get the treasure? Be sure that resume service is right for you)


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