When we have huge goals, we encounter a million reasons to quit (or procrastinate) - this is resistance.  

I encountered resistance recently, while in the process of completing my Book Boss Blueprint training.  I have such high hopes for its ability to greatly assist aspiring authors worldwide and am super excited about it.  Yet I did zilch, nada - for almost a week. I had so much to do that I didn’t do anything to chip away at the huge goal.  I encountered resistance.

Can you relate? 

Have you had a vision so big that it scared you?

Do you have so much work required to get to the end result that you procrastinate to even begin? 

Have you ever had a little voice in the back of your head tell you that you aren’t yet ready or that you need to do more of “something” first?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you my friend have too encountered resistance.

You see Goal Chaser, the bigger the dent we have to make in this world, the stronger the resistance.  

I recently read the book, The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.  In the entire first half of the book, he speaks about resistance.  He hit the nail on the head when he wrote,

"Rule of thumb: The more important a call or action is to our soul's evolution, the Resistance we will feel toward pursuing it."

In order to conquer resistance, you must first be able to identify it. Below are 5 ways residence can present itself in our lives:


Putting things off never makes them any easier, yet we do it. We often blame lack of time as a culprit for not achieving our goals, yet we find the time to watch tv, cruise social media and play on our cell phones.  We also procrastinate by “busying” ourselves with less important tasks and goals.

I watch less than 1 hour of television a week – yup, believe it.  I put off working on The Book Boss Blueprint by being proactive on other goals.  This too is a form of resistance.  I worked on “easier” tasks, rather than the big important one that was in my face and ready to be conquered. 

Thinking You Aren’t Good Enough

Ever have the fear that you may not be able to accomplish something because you aren’t good enough? This is resistance in its finest form.

Lack of confidence comes into play often when trying something for the first time.  Remember, that even the greatest in their fields where once inexperienced.  No one comes out the womb an expert at anything. We all start at the beginning, each of us.  What creates the expert is the ability to push through doubt.

Needing More Before You Begin

Ever felt that you need more experience before going after your dream? More money? More traditional education? More...something?

Resistance can be quite sneaky and is often not even recognized.  Sometimes it’s very subtle in its approach. Like thinking you cannot offer your services until you have a website up or that you can’t raise your prices until you get better equipment.  Or even thinking you will not be taken seriously if you do not have a college degree. You are enough – right this moment, just where you stand.

I strongly believe that if we have a goal on our heart to pursue, it is for us and we are ready.  The passion in our hearts alone is confirmation enough.

Competition Watching

If there’s one thing that kills a goal quick, it’s competition watching.  Of course you should be aware of the competitors in your arena, however, you needn’t be obsessing their every move. 

They may very well have more free time, money, resources, clients, etc., but that isn’t any of your business.  The time spent watching the competition, takes away from your own pursuits and is a form of resistance.

I prefer to look at competition as a partnership.  Don’t try to “steal” their shine, there’s plenty to go around. Instead, partner with them in an effort to better serve the community.  Converse with likeminded individuals and get more familiar with the steps you’ll need to take to succeed. Share your resources with them. 

Don’t treat competition like most people, most people nose-dive.  Be the outlier.  Resist the urge to obsess and envy your competition.  Uplift and support and you will succeed.

Convincing Yourself It Isn’t For You

I’m sure you know someone (and maybe that someone is you) who has put off achieving something for so long that they say they no longer want it, but you know otherwise because you see the twinkle in their eyes whenever it is mentioned.  Their vocabulary is usually full of the “woulda, coulda, shouldas”.  This is usually the last leg of resistance.  Right before it wins the battle over achieving a goal for good.

Truth be told, the person encountering this form of resistance is usually so terrified of failing, they’d rather not try.   

Unsuccessfully attempting something isn’t true failure, giving up is.  If it wasn’t for failed attempts, we wouldn’t recognize success.

Conquer Resistance

The solution is a simple one, but not necessarily always easy.  You have to recognize how resistance presents itself to you and take action.  You must feel your fear and do it anyway as the only thing that beats inaction towards a goal is taking action.

Believe in your abilities. Pray. Mediate.  Do what it takes to push through.

There comes a time when your passions outweigh your fears. I was a week behind on my Book Boss Blueprint work and had to get to it.  I went into overdrive.  I knew that I have a service to deliver that I am passionate about. I shifted my mindset from all the work that had to be done, to the positive impact this program will have.  Goal Chasers, you must do the same when faced with resistance.

Which form of resistance do you encounter most?  Leave me a comment below to let me know!


13/09/2015 12:07pm

I've experienced all of these at some point, but the two that are so obvious for me now are procrastination and thinking that my dream of having a successful virtual interior decorating biz is no longer for me.

That little voice in our heads can be so powerful if we let it. So a super thanks for this post and letting me see what I'm doing and how to stop doing it!

Wendy Harvey
14/09/2015 8:15am

Good Morning Gaynette, Thanks as always for your weekly inspiration. I have been struggling with a weight issue for a very long time. I began packing on weight after the death of my boyfriend who died due to a bike accident. I have always gone for weekly walks and have joined a guy about three years ago but I have not lost the weight like I would like. I am obviously suffering from procrastination and discipline. So thanks again for this weeks enlightenment! Enjoy your day!


You must feel your fear and do it anyway as the only thing that beats inaction towards a goal is taking action.Resume services -- it is more than simple services...


Very pleasant write-up it is useful for all people and share it.

19/11/2015 3:07am

You have to recognize how resistance presents itself to you and take action. You must feel your fear and do it anyway as the only thing that beats inaction towards a goal.

30/11/2015 2:40am

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