It’s often said that success is ours for the taking, but do we really know what that even means?  What makes someone a success anyway and how do we even get there?

Webster’s dictionary defines success as “a degree or measure of succeeding” and “one that succeeds.” These definitions are so vague because success is defined differently by everyone.  You are not only in control of attaining success, you control its definition.

Below I’ll share the 3 Cs that’ll bring it all together for you and assist you with acquiring success, no matter how you define it.


The first “C” is clarity.  In order to create any goal, you must have a finish-line, an end result, which you wish to reach.  

What does success mean to you?  Is it attaining financial freedom? Is it getting married and having a happy family? Is it being able to do what you enjoy for a living? Is it getting nominated for an Oscar? Is it all of the above?  Do not be limited or restricted by anyone else’s definition of success.

Think about the things that you’d love to accomplish, that’ll make you feel successful – this is your definition and belongs to no one else. 

Once you’re clear on your definition, you must get clear on what you need to do to achieve it.  Write down all the things you need to do to attain it.  Do not filter yourself – write the exact steps that you need to take as if you have no restrictions. 

If you aren’t 100% clear on the steps that you need to take, ask Uncle Google, he may be of some assistance; he’s wise beyond his years.

I’ve also created a Winning Plan of Purpose that you’ll find useful.


Once you’re clear on your definition of success and the steps that you need to take to get there, you must have confidence in your ability to achieve your goal. Speak about it as if it has already occurred.  Get excited thinking about it.  Know that it’s for you.

Know that no matter what your definition of success is, you are worthy of achieving it.  You are enough.

Something amazing happens when we start speaking success into our lives. For many years, greats of the world have been telling us that we need to have faith in our abilities and it’s time to start listening.  They’re great for a reason. We cannot depend on the support of others and not support ourselves.  People are known to dream crush because they can’t see your vision.  Don’t let this stop you.

Walt Disney was denied for his loan to build Magic Kingdom over and over again (over 300 times!).  He was also criticized for not having enough imagination.

Oprah was told that she wasn’t fit for television.

Albert Einstein was told that he’ll never amount to much.

The Beatles were told that they had no future in show business.

Thank God they had the confidence to push on despite the opinions of others.  You must too. Be the success story that drops jaws and encourages those around you to push towards their dreams. 

Chartered Action

Once you’re clear and put on your armor of confidence, you’re half way there.  You must now take baby steps each day to get you a little closer to your goal.  Success favors the brave.

Although clarity and confidence are essential to the process, they become useless without chartered action. We can write down our goals and think positively until we’re blue in the face, but until we take the leaps of faith required to achieve them, we will remain where we’ve always been.

Do not live with the regret of not chasing after your goals, it’s a death sentence as you never get to truly live to your full potential.  Take the chartered action required today.

Are you willing to chase your wildest dreams? 

What’s your definition of success?  

Let me know in the comments below!


Malika smith
21/09/2015 5:46pm

I needed to hear this today. I'm in the final phase of reaching my goal to become a chartered accountant and it is difficult. This has reminded me that I can do this


23/09/2015 4:19am

Glad to read that this message was timely Malika.
All the best with your big goal, you've got this!

23/10/2015 9:17am

You must now take baby steps each day to get you a little closer to your goal. Success favors the brave. Online essay is just you are looking for)


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