Since launching my best-seller Lucky Code, I have lost count of the people who have approached me sharing a desire to write their own book.  Most, however, do not go beyond having a desire to actually producing a book and I want to help change this. 

There’s a lot that goes into creating and launching a book successfully.  The below tips are in no way a comprehensive guide to get you on the best-sellers list, but they are a great start.

We all have a story to tell.  In fact, according to successful writer Joseph Epstein, “81% of Americans feel that they have a book in them – and should write it.”  

So where does one begin?

1) Decide on An Audience

After selecting your topic/genre/the purpose of your book, the next step is to decide on your audience and market the book to them.  

As much as you would like to think that your book is for everyone, if you write your book in a tone that is talking to everyone, no one will purchase it (okay, maybe your family and friends).   

Be very clear about who your book is for.  A 21 year old boy does not communicate the same as a 60 year old woman.  Get clear.  Now, you may be thinking this will limit your market substantially, but in fact, it does the opposite. It draws your ideal readers like a moth to flame.  They are able to connect to your words in a profound way.  

So who are they? What do they like / dislike?  Where can you find them?   Figure this out before you begin writing and marketing.

2) Research Similar Books

Be sure to research books in your niche.  Check Google and Amazon to start. Find out what the prices are, the year they were released and what readers are saying about them. 

One of my favorite online gurus Pat Flynn (professional podcaster, blogger, serial entrepreneur and author) had an amazing tip -to seek out the 3 star reviews.  He reasons that the 3 star reviews are usually unbiased, showing both what the reader loved and disliked about the book. Genius.

Now the reason for doing this isn’t to copy books that are already out there doing well, rather to see what is already out there so that you can set yourself apart in a unique way.  So get to searching.  

Take note of the synopsis, pricing and cover. Try to figure out the author’s target audience and if you can, take a peek inside the book.

Don’t get discouraged if you see something you wanted to do already out there.  You will have your own unique spin, guaranteed.

You will attract the readers you are meant to.  The world is an abundant place.  Believe it.  Hey, if Beyonce refused to become a singer because Mariah was already out there doing it, my iPhone would be lonely.

3)  Seek Help From 2 Professionals

If there are only two things that you spend money on, let it be a graphic designer for your book cover (not your friend who “likes” designing) and a professional book editor (not your old English teacher).   

No matter what is said, books are indeed judged by their covers all the time and you need to search for more than minor spelling and grammatical errors when writing a book.  The flow of your book matters.   Trust me on this one.  Designer and Editor.  Promise me this.

4) Market Early 

The early bird catches the worm, or in this case, the massive book sales.

When it comes to marketing for your book, the earlier, the better.  Do not wait until your launch date to begin.  At this point, it'll be too late and you'll likely get discouraged. Cardinal Rule #1 - Market Early.  

I began marketing my best-seller almost 5 months before its launch. Had I known what I do now, I would've started even earlier.

5)  Become a Book Boss

If you've read this far, you’re obviously quite keen to write your book.  I’m currently in the processing of re-branding my program The Book Boss Blueprint and am in the process of creating a comprehensive e-book guide going into detail about identifying your target audience, research, outlines, editing and so many other things required to get your book out of your head and onto bookshelves.

The Book Boss Blueprint is for aspiring first time self-published authors and breaks down exactly what I did to produce my best-seller.  More importantly, it dives deeply into branding yourself, marketing your book and the budgeting aspect of self-publishing.

Trust me, if writing a book is even only a fleeting thought in your head, you aren’t going to want to miss this.

Signup below to get first dibs when The Book Boss program and e-book is about to go live!


21/09/2015 9:54am

To sell anything need experience,and hard work.if you want to sell anything you have to care about somethings, means quality etc.then you can sell your product.

01/11/2015 8:09pm

"Most, however, do not go beyond having a desire to actually producing a book..." I am guilty of this. Having my own book published is an item that have been sitting on my bucket list for a long time now. Producing it just seems like a daunting task, but your article might just be the push that I need.

I have read A LOT of articles containing book publishing tips, but yours seem to be the most realistic, straightforward, and practical. I am certain that it is your experience that speaks. I think tips number 2 and 3 are precious. Research of related literature is a step most authors neglect. No wonder we already have a lot of romance, vampire books out there! I agree with you that we should always strive to come up with works that are one-of-a-kind. I think that always makes for a good selling point. Hiring a graphic designer is arguably non-negotiable too, unless the author also happens to be a designer. I can no longer count in my hands that number of books that I shunned because of their covers. Hiring an editor is also a crucial step to not miss. We all make mistakes and as writers,sometimes we get too carried away that we get lost in our works and words. We need an editor's help to set us out straight.

21/10/2015 11:49am

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11/11/2015 6:00am

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16/11/2015 7:08am

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