It isn't always easy to eliminate negative people from our lives, especially if they are a family member, old friend, co-worker or boss.  So how does one tackle this difficult situation? 

Stephanie from Florida recently sent in a GCQ (Goal Chaser Query) asking the above question.  Below, are 6 ways to deal with negative people that are difficult to let go of as they tend to pop into your life from time to time and it is outside of your control.

If you're more of a visual person, check out my YouTube video on the subject here.

1. Cut Back on The Frequency

Limit the time you spend around them - some people are better in small doses.  If the energy mosquito in your life is a co-worker that sits near you, limit the amount of interaction you have with them by using tip #2.

2. Headphones

A few weeks ago, I created a blog post and video entitled, Smile Through The Storms : Stay Inspired.  In the video I mentioned listening to music that pumps you up and inspires you to be great to keep your spirits high and provided my personal Inspirational Playlist.

Creating a playlist of inspiring tunes is awesome, and using headphones to listen is a great way to block out the energy mosquitoes buzzing around.  You wouldn't hear them and they will not bother you , as you'll be busy listening to tunes that uplift your spirit.  Win-Win!

Here's an inexpensive pair of headphones that I adore.  

3. Have a Mature Conversation

Talk to the perpetrator. Let them know how you view life (sprinkles, unicorns and sunshine, right?) and kindly explain the type of behavior that you do not like to be around.  

4. A Play on Words

Not everyone knows how to be positive.  If the Negative Nancy in your life says something negative, spin it around so they too can learn how it works.  

As en example, if a co-worker says "Pay day is more like pay out day.  The money is here today, gone tomorrow. I never see it."  You can try saying something along the lines of, "I'm just grateful that I have income on a frequent basis that I can pay out."  

If a relative is complaining about their lack of funds or something going wrong, simply remind them of all that they do have. Help them to get in a habit of gratitude by playing on their words.

The worse that could happen is that you drive them bonkers with your tribe of positive vibes and they result to using tip #1 on you.  Yet another, win-win!

5. Walk it Off

Sometimes a little fresh air is all you need to rejuvenate.  If the person is in one of their frequent pity slumps, simply excuse yourself and go out for a little fresh air. If that is a bit too abrupt for you, invite them to join you outside for a walk (and be sure to change the subject while walking!).

6. Make a Game of It

You likely expect the individual to be negative as it happens every time you see them.  Why not begin mentally preparing yourself for it and make a one person game out of it?  

Before you see them (or as soon as they approach you) estimate how long it'll take for them to begin complaining.  Will it be 60 seconds?  5 minutes?  Also, be sure to preselect a counter-punch (tip) that you will quickly apply when it happens.

7. Bonus! (I know I said 6 tips)

Take a look at one of my first blog posts all about energy mosquitoes here.  

If this was beneficial to you or if you have any tips of your own, leave me a comment.

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16/08/2015 9:12am

Whatever we do, wherever we go, we will always have these people in our lives, and yes the choice lies on us if we will give attention to it, or ignore it. Well, the best thing to do is just to focus on yourself and be positive as you should be. Remember, people may have negative vibes, but as long as you possess the other way around, you'll remain positive just the way you are, and soon succeed in your decisions.

18/08/2015 9:49pm

Hey, thanks for commenting :)

I agree that a positive individual will likely remain positive, however, Debbie Downers have a way of bringing down the energy of those around them (even if only temporarily). This can prevent us from achieving big if we allow it.

I do not think anyone thrives around negativity (people or environments). As such we need tips to eliminate/reduce the effects of the negatives to ensure we are performing at our best.

12/10/2015 7:47am

This article delivers the best 6 methods of how to deal with negative people. It is very difficult to deal with negative people because of their difficult nature. You suggest the best ways to deal with them.


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