Have you ever wondered if your dreams are trying to tell you something?

This week I had a very strange dream, that didn't quite end when I woke up and the signs of an impending lesson could not be ignored.  

Do you have strange or reoccurring dreams? Is there a song that you keep hearing?  Have 3 different people mentioned the same thing to you?  Do you keep seeing the same book?  Chances are this is not a coincidence, it's a gentle nudge from the universe.  I want to encourage you to pay attention to the signs around you daily. 

Recently, I have been so focused on planning, prepping and lining things up to set my Goal Chasers Community up for success, that I didn't realize that I stopped living in the present and was forcing things into being.  Everything was about next week, next month, next year and I began losing patience with the process - it was all moving along too slowly for my liking (and my liking was lightening speed, of course). 

I know better and am ever grateful for my recent reminder as I can now use it as a catalyst to assist you.   Have you ever lost patience with the process or felt like something was taking too long to work itself out?

The Dream:

A random woman I know was in my living room and I went into the kitchen to pour myself a nice, cold glass of purified water.  

But then something strange happened.  The water would not move when I turned the pitcher upside down!  She looked at me strange.  But not in a "Why is your liquid water stuck as if it's frozen?" strange. But more in a, "Oh, I know what that means!" kind of way.  She then came over, went back into the fridge and poured me rootbeer telling me that the water wasn't safe to drink. I'm not even a fan of rootbeer (unless it has more lemon in it than lemonade). 

Strange, right? I woke up and it was 3:00am and I had all the energy in the world.  I decided to brush it off, but couldn't quite shake it.  Then, later that morning, as I was working, I mistakenly knocked over a full cup (with a closed top) of water and it spilled all over my keyboard.  

I needed to pay attention as the signs were getting stronger. I decided to ponder over it after I filled my cup of water up. Except, the dispenser got stuck and the water in my cup began overflowing.   

Okay, it was getting strange - it was a water day. I decided to consult dear Uncle Google, because sometimes he can be wise beyond his years.  I also consulted a friend of mine named Gnica, who's an expert at these things.  

The Lesson:

The conclusion was that I was trying to force some things that were not quite ready yet and needed to practice patience.  Can you relate?

I had to stop focusing so much on how the future plans will work themselves out and have faith that they will.  Now that's a battle for a Goal Chaser, wouldn't you agree?

I was so focused on where I wanted to go with my Goal Chaser Community and what I wanted to teach, to help them to achieve their biggest goals, that I forgot that they are somewhere right now, and that somewhere is exactly where they and I both, are meant to be.  

It's only so far we can push things. At some point, we must have faith that our hard work will carry us and that everything will work itself out in divine timing, for the greater good of all concerned.  

The Fix:

Pay attention to the signs.  The idea that keeps popping in your mind - act on it.  The song you keep hearing - really listen to the message of it.  The book cover you keep seeing - read it.   

The only way you catch the gentle nudges is if you are present.  

Enjoy the journey that leads up to achieving your goals.  The work, the waiting period, the victory.  Bask in every moment.  Show gratitude for each step along the way. When you do this, you will notice things coming together so quickly!

Surrender. Do as much as you physically can, as best as you can.  Then step back and let it happen.

That's the message in my heart this week for you Goal Chaser.  If it resonated, leave me a comment below.  If you have any tips of your own, leave them below too.

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27/07/2015 2:58am

I love this post, it is my favorite so far! It answers a lot of my questions & thoughts. I thought the 3am thing was interesting since I've known for a while that that is like the "magic time" for waking up from a dream/with signs, etc!

27/07/2015 5:39am

Hi Santina,

Glad the post has been able to assist you! I never knew about the 3am thing; I'll definately do some homework on that.
Be on the lookout for signs as you go throughout your week :)

27/07/2015 5:43am

Infinite thanks abides, per the affirmations, inspirations, and reminders of/as the generous journey of Life. May our collective desires, and life work be ever in abundance, and "magically delicious." You're a significant vessel within the processes...for which we are full of gratitude. Namaste'

28/07/2015 5:48pm

Awww Thanks Dhaneer

We are all vessels!

27/07/2015 9:39pm

I love reading your messages (blogs, emails, etc). You are such a positive person and have such great messages that have the most perfect timing. I just forwarded this to my husband to have him read it. I think you have hit on something that most people never recognize---living in the present and not pushing to hard for things to happen, sooner than they are meant to happen.
Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to positively impact others.

28/07/2015 6:33pm

Thank you for your kind message. So glad to read that this post resonated Debbi! I hope your husband enjoyed the post as well. :)


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