"If you really want to prosper, you must be true to yourself.  With nothing to prove, the only competition that you have is the person that stares back at you in the mirror."  - Gaynete' Edwards, Lucky Code

Ever smiled a little too wide? Were a little too bubbly too early in the morning? Laughed a little too hard? Or were just plain too happy for someone's liking and you got the inkling (or direct confirmation) that you were driving them bonkers?  

I do. All the time. But guess what? 

Hand over heart - I do not care.  

There are very few things I use those 3 words for.  But Shadowers (What I like to call the ones that want to take away your inner sunshine) cannot rain on my parade and you shouldn't let them ruin yours either.

I had a question from Jessica in Australia recently who wanted to know how to deal with the Shadowers while still remaining true to herself so I decided to tackle this one head-on as I'm sure many can relate.  

Happy people often get a bad rep.  

Either we're, "naive with our head in the clouds", "annoying" or "fake", right?   False.

When chasing and achieving goals things get pretty awesome.  If people aren't on board with that, let them watch from the sidelines with their opinions.  They're entitled to think what they want.  And you're entitled to ignore them.

We are well aware that what we focus on becomes our reality.  So why give energy to the Negative Nancies?  Their opinions do not pay our bills and can bring us down off of our life high.  

I strongly believe that we attract those that are the right fit for us.  As such, we turn off those that aren't.  This is perfectly normal and we should never look to stifle our personality for their comfort.  

Let Your Light Shine.

Continue to do the things that make your soul sing, and if your light is too blinding for someone, they'll look away.  This is not something you need to take on.  

I wear a mantra band often that reads, "Let your light shine." as a reminder to stay true to myself and to ignore the Shadowers.

There are a ton of mantra bands with awesome reminders that nourish the soul.  You can check them out by clicking here.

Have you ever been shun for your chirpy demeanour?    I can't be the only one.  Leave me a comment and let me know!

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21/10/2015 3:05pm

Thank you for your awesome advices. You are great person.

22/11/2015 4:49am

it is nice post.


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