Do you find it difficult to turn someone down when they ask for a favor? 

Are you constantly asking yourself, “How did I get myself into this?”  

Do you sometimes feel as if your kindness is being taken advantage of?  

If so, then you’re likely saying “yes” too much.  Time to learn the power of “no”.

When on your goal chasing mission, you may have people coming out of the woodwork asking you for favors. This is to be expected and isn’t an issue, if you’re willing and able to oblige.  

Helping others is great, we all want to be super heroes without capes, right? It’s when doing favors become expected of us or when we agree to something that we do not want to do, that saying “yes” becomes an issue.

The Power of "No"

To keep our sanity (and to avoid burnout!) we must learn the power of “no”.  Our time is so valuable; it cannot be retrieved once given away.  Because of this, it is important to use it wisely.

I encourage you to say “no” when something just doesn’t feel right or when you have another commitment.  A question is phased as a query for a reason – you control the response.   

Do not be afraid of saying "no" when you are unable or unwilling to complete a task. To take on more than you can handle and nosedive, or to do something half-heartedly because you just aren’t interested, is so much worse than denying the request to begin with.

Doing anything less than your very best work is a bad reflection of you and what you are capable of producing. Guard your brand—your reputation, your image—very closely. 

When you produce only the best and take on only that which you desire, an occasional, well-intentioned “no” will never turn the right people away.


I hope this post helped my yessers (yup, totally just made that word up) out there.  

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