On the journey of life, there are many that are likely to cross our paths and rub us the wrong way and also some that may do things that seem “unforgivable”. At times, we may even rub ourselves the wrong way and find ourselves with the Shoulda-Coulda-Woulda Regret Bug.  It happens, we are only human.  

We mustn't, however, live in that place of resentment and remorse as it can eat us alive and deter us from achieving the many goals that we have set.  We must learn to forgive our way to success.

Granted, forgiveness alone will not make you successful. It will, however, greatly assist you on the road to success.  When we hold on to the negative feelings that come along with refusing to let go of something terrible that occurred, we get more of it. 

As the age old saying goes, “Energy flows where attention goes.”

Let’s learn to redirect those negative feelings in a way that better serve our highest good.  Or, as my great friend Dr. Toneka Etienne always says, “Time to Retrain the Brain”. 

Freedom Act

It is time to stop holding on to the pain, resentment and regret and to instead refocus your energy on what you really do want. 

I challenge you to write down the names of all the people that you hold grudges against, the reasons you hold those grudges and even the things you regret and blame yourself for that you cannot seem to let go of. 

Next read each of the items one final time, tell yourself that you are releasing the need to hold on, crumble up that list and throw it away.

I then want you to take another piece of paper and write down all of the things that you desire to have (roughly 10 things).  For example, you may want a happy family unit, a healthier lifestyle, a new car, a great paying job, etc.  Read your new list and put it somewhere where you will see it often.  

Whenever negative thoughts creep back from the first list, refocus on one of the items on your second list, and envision yourself with/achieving it. 

Make it a Habit

Refocusing your energy on the things you desire will greatly assist you on your road to success.  Make it a habit.  The time is now to let go of your pain and to claim the life that you deserve, one of freedom, peace and love.

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