When it rains, we quickly grab an umbrella or rain jacket without second-guessing.  But why is it that when we have something huge to do, we hesitate to use the resources available to us?   

Time is the most precious resource that we have; we must guard it like a precious jewel, and a great way to begin is by ensuring that we use the other resources available to us.  Let’s be wise when conquering our goals!

It’s all in a Network.

What’s the point of having amazing people in your circles, if you do not seize the opportunity to use their knowledge and skills? Like a spider builds a web to catch prey, networks are built to support us and prevent us from falling into the trap of wasting unnecessary time.   

If there are experts in our networks willing and able to assist us, why do we always feel the need to take the world on our shoulders and do it ourselves? 

Let’s face it.

We aren't the expert at everything.  There are some things that are just beyond our current capabilities.  

Of course, we can learn to do absolutely anything that we put our mind to do.  Often times, however we go into something blindly and in a rush, and as a result fail miserably.   

Lesson Learned.

I learned the value of utilizing my network the hard way when attempting to design Lucky Code book cover myself.  I asked myself, “How hard could it be?”  

Boy was I in for a surprise.  Not only was it difficult, I failed miserably.  It was quite the spectacle to behold.  I was using Microsoft Word (error number one), pulled in some Clip Art (always a no-no when trying to create a professional looking product) and spent hours of precious time on something that was not anywhere near good enough.

Graphic designers, my hat goes off to you; your job is not easy.  I eventually sought the assistance of my boyfriend’s brother Duane Jones, a professional graphic designer for over a decade and founder of Be Glitterati.  His expertise was welcomed with opened arms. 

I was finally able to focus on what I wanted the final product to look like, rather than deal with the stress of pulling it off.  What a relief. Lesson Learned.

There's More Than one Way to Skin a Cat.

Of course, resources aren't just people in your network.  You also have books, courses, webinars, YouTube and everyone’s favorite, Uncle Google.  If strapped for funds, by all means, use a free resource available to you.  The time used to learn the task, will save you time down the line for sure.  

How Do I Use My Resources?

When you have a project or task, think, “What exactly is it that I will need?” Then make a mental list (or even better, an actual list) of everything required. 

If there is something on the list that you are not an expert in—get assistance from your network, find support online, or go to a library or bookstore.

If you do not know the first place to begin, consult someone who has already done something similar, or ask Uncle Google. He’s wise beyond his years, believe me.

Make me a Promise.

Please promise me that the next time you have a major project to tackle that you do not go in blindly and seek the help required.  Our time is too important to squander.  Money we can get back, time however, once it’s gone, it is gone forever.*cue dramatic music*

Let’s End with a Quote

“The price we pay for the expertise of people in our network, or the cost of a guidebook for that matter, will be small compared to the time wasted trying to do a difficult task ourselves. Time is the most precious resource that we have; we must guard it like a precious jewel, and a great way to begin is by ensuring that we use the other resources available to us.”  —Gayneté Edwards

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20/09/2015 8:42pm

We all know the saying, time is gold. But do we really understand the meaning of it? It is common for most people to waste time. We have a lot of important things to do and yet we choose not to do them. We choose to waste our time on things that are of less importance. It is a matter of discipline. Thus, we should teach children on how important time is. They should not waste time on just playing their computers for a long time. Set limits when you still can for this children.


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