Are you an apologetic individual?  Do you find yourself saying the words, “I’m sorry to be a bother but…” prior to asking for assistance? Do you feel as if you’re a burden when you are working with someone who has willingly offered to help you (or worse, someone you’re paying to assist you)? 

Know that you are not alone, in fact, many of us suffer from the Apologetic-For-No-Good-Reason Syndrome. 

I Fell Victim.

I’m usually good at asking for help.  I realize that when on a goal chasing path, assistance from others is not only craved, but desperately required.   We can get to our goals so much faster with a winning team on board.  Even with this knowledge, however, I fell victim one last time.

When writing my book, Duane Jones, founder of Be Glitterati willingly assisted with the cover and interior. While working with him to design the cover, I found myself constantly apologizing for being a “pain” and “nuisance” when going back with changes desired. 

After maybe the 50th email like this, he responded politely asking me to stop apologizing as he is doing his job and promised that this is the normal process.  Of course it is - thanks for the reminder!

I quickly caught myself and now make a conscious effort to be grateful for the assistance I receive, but never sorry.  I want you to do the same.

It Ends Today.

Deep down in those sticky emotions that we love to avoid, we feel as if we are a burden and pain when talking to someone. This lie that we can sometimes tell ourselves, often prevents us from seeking the assistance that we need. 

This ends today.  Right this moment. Your goal chasing efforts depend on it.

There is absolutely no reason for us to apologize to individuals assisting us if we have not caused them any pain. If we did not harm the person, the “I’m sorry” on your lips needs to be swallowed, deal?

We should remain grateful and kind through our interactions, but never apologetic.  

You are worth the assistance.  You are worth the time.  Believe it in the deepest part of your core, because it is the truth.


Did this post strike a chord?   Do you apologize for no reason at all?  Leave me a message in the comments, I want to hear from you.

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17/05/2015 8:24pm

This blog spoke to me particularly I felt! I am so famous for apologizing for no reason. People and even old boyfriends have said to stop doing that. it's a bad habit I am going to break so that this doesn't get in the way of achieving my goals!

18/05/2015 11:35am

Hi Tiffany!

It is often said that if we see or hear something repeatedly it is because we haven't quite gotten it right yet. Glad it resonated and that you've finally decided to take heed ;)


17/05/2015 11:31pm

This is an interesting blog, something you never really think about. I tend to be in an apologetic state more then I like to think. So I guess this will be something I will be working on. There always room for improvement towards my everyday success.

18/05/2015 11:42am

Glad it opened your eyes Stephanie And yes, always room for improvement for Goal Chasers :)

- Gayneté

Wendy Harvey
18/05/2015 8:27am

Wow!!!! This is so insightful. I am always hugely apologetic for absolutely no reason at all. Thanks for opening my eyes to this epidemic and making me aware of this unnecessary behaviour!

18/05/2015 11:39am

Anytime Wendy, you are most welcome. When we know better, we do better, right?

- Gayneté

18/05/2015 2:54pm

Great post!! I am working on being comfortable "receiving" from others so this really spoke to me! Sharing on Twitter!

18/05/2015 4:47pm

Great to read Hastie! It is so important to accept the good that is given to us and I'm glad you're making a conscious effort to receive without guilt. Thanks for the Twitter love!

20/05/2015 8:12am

This post struck a major chord with me. I'm always apologizing! I'm not exactly sure where this comes from but I hate feeling like a burden, especially when paying for the service. This is one change I'm incorporating immediately.


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