Here We Go Again.

You already know how important it is to be thankful for that which you have and gratitude is likely an old topic that you’re tired of hearing about, right?

I strongly believe, however, that when we see something (or hear it) over and over again, it is because we haven’t quite figured it out 100% of the way.

When chasing goals, we need a truckload of courage and often require many things to work out in our favor in order to succeed. Gratitude can assist with the latter greatly.  It is time to do gratitude the right way.  Are you ready?

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “The right way? So there’s a wrong way to show gratitude?” Well, not really, but there certainly is a more effective way than you’re likely used to.

Are You Guilty of Common Gratitude?

In my experience, folk are usually quite general with their “thank you” lists.  They normally go something like this, “I'm grateful for family, friends, food and shelter.”  Sounds familiar? If so, then do read on sugar, because I'm going to show you how to improve your blessings/luck (or whatever it is that you call those amazing things that happen to you) by altering your gratitude list.

Amazing things happen daily. We get random, genuine smiles from complete strangers. Someone lets us out of a busy intersection. We get a compliment that we were not expecting on an old blouse. We have warm, delicious, fresh food on our plates.  We have internet which allows us to read thought-provoking blog posts. 

Each day is different.  Why then do most gratitude lists remain the same day in and day out?

Be Extraordinary With It!

I have found that when we reflect on what we are blessed with daily and are really specific with that which we are grateful for, the great things that we want in our lives come at a much quicker pace.  

As an example, instead of, “I'm grateful for shelter”, you could change that to, “I'm grateful for my home, which has my comfy couch that I watched my favorite television show on this evening.”

Instead of “I'm grateful for food.” Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what was on your plate today.  Try instead, something along the lines of, “I'm grateful for the warm pancakes with the perfect amount of syrup and fresh strawberries I ate this morning.”  

Being detailed turns your gratitude up a notch.  It gives you the chance to reflect on your specific blessings that day and you will also likely begin to notice them increase as a result.  

You may find that the best time to do this is right before you head off to sleep.

Keep a Record.

What’s a better way of tracking results, than keeping a record?  I encourage you to keep a gratitude journal of all the amazing specific blessings that occur daily (try to write no less than 5 a day).  

Now, before you get discouraged, you don’t need a fancy spot to write this; any old notebook with blank pages will do, and it takes very little time. 

I have been keeping a gratitude journal for quite some time now and can attest to the many benefits, such as becoming more aware of the amazing things happening on a daily basis, a love for the present moment, a greater appreciation for loved ones and a quick increase in "lucky breaks". All of which makes me a happier person as a result and isn't happiness and love all that we are really after at the end of the day? 

Goal Chaser, it’s time to do gratitude the right way.  Give the tips above a try and see what happens for you. What do you have to lose but normality and a little ink?

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13/11/2015 2:58am

I encourage people to keep a gratitude journal of all the amazing specific blessings that occur daily by God. We must be thankful to everybody.


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