Have you ever watched a game show where everything is going great, the contestant is answering all of the questions correctly and winning lots of money but then gets a little too cocky? You begin getting uncomfortable in your seat just watching the shenanigans, knowing it will soon come to an end. The winnings slip away pretty fast, don’t they?  I believe the same happens with success.

This week we are going to dive right into a very personal code for me – remaining humble in the face of success.  Some of us get so caught up with winning that we forget that each of our little wins are blessings that we should remain grateful for. Just as easy as it comes, it can go. For this reason, I encourage you to remain humble and not to fall victim of the Zero to Hero Syndrome like I did.

The Heart of The Matter.

The reality is, people don’t like arrogant, conceited individuals. I know because I was one. The mirror used to be my very best friend and my favorite subject was me. The world’s purpose was to revolve around my needs and anyone in the way of this felt my wrath. I was young and immature and had no idea the damage I was doing.

I thought that because I was walking down runways, won a beauty pageant, on the high honors list at school and appearing in local magazines, that I was the cat’s meow.  I didn't realize I was being conceited as I went about my day (do we ever?)—until I was elected Most Conceited in my high school yearbook. A local retailer also refused to work with me because of my arrogant attitude. Punch. In. The. Stomach.

Slap To Reality.

Thank God for reality checks. The same year as my Most Conceited nomination, I received a Rotary Exchange Scholarship and became an exchange student. I lived in Venezuela for eleven months, and to this day I am convinced it was the universe’s plan to get my ego in check once and for all.

The women there were drop-dead gorgeous—every single one of them. For the first time, I felt inadequate. Their figures were straight out of the latest Jay-Z music video and their faces could've easily been on Covergirl ads. What shocked me more than their extraordinary outer beauty, however, was their inner beauty; they were kind and extremely generous human beings.

What did I have to offer? “Looks fade with time,” I thought to myself. I realized appearances mean very little and what is beautiful to one is hideous to another. What a soul-shaking moment. Looks may get you where you want to go, but kindness and humility will keep you there. I committed to change my ways. 

I threw away my handheld mirror and began focusing on enhancing my personality instead.  I read self-improvement books, began listening to others more, started a gratitude practice, prayed often and built invaluable friendships that year.

Reject the Zero to Hero Mentality.

Here’s the thing, I don’t think we should cover up our successes. Celebrate, do the funky chicken, change the world, and give Oprah a hug for me—but remember, through it all, to remain humble.

We all know that success is largely dependent on networking, and who wants to network with an arrogant, conceited individual? Absolutely no one.  

When we show gratitude, pray, help others, and remain humble, we will find that success will continue to flow our way and we’ll be better liked for it too, which is always a plus.

Make the decision to reject the Zero to Hero Mentality and your goal chasing efforts will be much easier.



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