How to Follow Your Heart and Live Passionately

We all have it—that natural instinct that tells us when something is right (and equally as important, when it isn't). 

Some call it a gut feeling, a feeling in the pit of the stomach that gives them all the information that they need to know.

For me, I get a heavy feeling in my chest that serves as a warning, and a warming passion in the chest when I need to pursue something. 

Others cannot explain exactly what it is that they get other than they “just know.” 

This feeling tells us whether or not to do something, say something, or go somewhere. You may not feel it every time you have a serious decision to make, but when you do, you need to go with it. Always.

The Heart Of The Matter:

We all have goals and dreams—many that I believe would fall by the wayside if we allowed our mind to make all of the decisions for us. This is because in its logical innocence, it is often fearful by nature - scared of failing. 

Our heart knows better; it knows that we can accomplish absolutely anything if only we can trick our mind into following us on the journey and our butts into working themselves into a frenzy to ensure our success. 

So What's Passion Anyway?

Passion is a desire felt deep within our soul, something that cannot be found on an x-ray, but can be seen on canvases, in music lyrics, in the pages of a great book, on stages worldwide, on the basketball court, etc. 

Let's Break It Down.

It is clear that successful individuals follow their hearts all the time. 

This does not mean that you are to abandon reason by any means; it is simply calling us to follow our passions, without letting the fear of failure stop us from pursing that which we are meant to do. 

We must not be impulsive, but must follow our pulse, our drive, our passions, our heart.

How to Follow Your Heart:

  • Many great things come to us in our silence. Our heart’s true desires are no different; spending a moment in silence can help you to listen to your heart.

  • Surround yourself with passionate individuals; their passion will begin to rub off on you. Get a mentor and consider getting a life coach; they can assist you with finding and following your inner voice.

Exercise – Time to Get to Work!

Grab a piece of paper (yup, right now sugar plum!) and write down what it is that you would enjoy doing and would want to accomplish if you were free of fear and had all the necessary resources available.


Now that you are clear on what you want, I want you to create a vision board! If you haven’t created one before, you can go on YouTube or Google to find step-by-step guidance.

Once it’s done - Look at your vision board EVERY DAY and feel yourself accomplishing all that you have on it.   More importantly, take small action steps daily to get you that much closer to your dreams.

It's Now Time to Get Crackin' & Start Following Your Heart 

I trust the above was helpful and inspired you to begin following that wise heart of yours Goal Chaser.

If so, do be sure to share, like and comment! After all, Goal Chasing is a team sport.  

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12/04/2015 11:57am

Great post this week. I love your thoughts on going after your passions. I too get this feeling in my heart, almost like an ache, when there's something I need to pursue. And thanks for the reminder about being silent, it's something I need to incorporate in my daily routine.

12/04/2015 3:17pm

Glad it resonated Toneka!


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21/10/2015 12:42am

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27/10/2015 4:16am

It is very hilarious when you mentioned that passion cannot be seen through X-rays. Passion for me is something that cannot be explained but felt as a burning flame whenever there is a thing that excites our desires the most. My passion is poetry and I would die before giving up on writing. I appreciate the post and hopefully it would create more bravery in those who are not willing to chase their dreams.

04/11/2015 12:54am

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04/11/2015 8:22am

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