Dress For Success : Why What You Wear Matters

You’ve likely heard the old adage, “First impressions are lasting impressions”, but do you understand why dressing for success is truly important?

Now, I don’t think there is any one right way to dress for success, we are all so amazingly unique – for this reason I'm not here to tell you what to wear (you're a big girl, you can surely figure this out on your own.) 

What I do wish to share, however, is how important your outward appearance is to your success and to encourage you to put your best foot forward at all times (in the cutest shoes of course!)

Why Does What I Wear Even Matter?

Whether you’re aspiring to be a top manager, a nurse, a poet, a hairstylist, a painter, or a rock star, the premise remains the same. 

Always make sure that you are presenting your very best side to the public, because you just never know if your future employee/boss/client/fan is out there watching.   

We do not verbally communicate with everyone that we see on a daily basis (can you imagine how tiring that would be?), so our outward appearance speaks volumes in those moments when we cannot.  

Let’s face it; we live in a society where everything is instantaneous, including some people’s perception, before ever formally meeting us. Successful people understand this notion quite well and, as a result, present themselves to the public in a way that supports their heart’s desire.

Reflection Time

Take a brief moment to think about what message you are sending to the world. Are your aspirations reflected in the way you present yourself?  What are you wearing right now? What does it say about you?

Apply it Goal Chaser

Again, what you wear, is totally up to you.  

The only thing I ask (more like beg!) is that you keep in mind your goals and ensure that what you are wearing (and just as important, how you are wearing it) reflects those goals.  Deal?

I do not want to imply that expensive clothing is required to be successful - that's insane. Rather, that a clean appearance—shoes in good condition, clothing that fits well, and a groomed head (and nails!)—will get you noticed by the right people for all of the right reasons, regardless of your desires in life.

If we do not show that we value our appearance, we will be devalued by society. Cold. Hard. Truth.

It’s the simple things that we often overlook, like an iron. (Use one.) I can only imagine my mom toppling over with laughter at this one; an iron is my arch nemesis, but nonetheless, I do value and appreciate its importance in polishing my overall appearance. 

Smile on, Mom.

No Excuses

If you need more appropriate clothing, but you are financially down and out (but not for long Goal Chaser!), there are many options available, such as clothing barns, discount stores, and yard sales.  No excuses allowed in the Goal Chasers’ Club. 

If you need a little help setting aside your excuses, see my previous post, 7 Excuses Preventing You From Conquering Your Goals.

Here’s the thing you need to understand, Goal Chasers show up ready to chase their dreams, ensuring that they dress the part—and  succeed as a result. 

What you wear does not define you, however, it can leave a lasting impression.

Now I ask you this, are you ready to dress for success?

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