Why Optimism is the Victory Perspective You Need to Succeed

Oh no, Another One!

I’m an eternal optimist.  Yup, I am one of “those” people. I see the rainbows through the storm and am forever playing angel’s advocate. 

Despite what some may think, however, optimists do not skip throughout their day without a care in mind, because they see their world painted with unicorns and glitter (as awesome as that would be!). Shocker, I know!

Let's Set The Record Straight!

The problem I find is that optimism is often mistakenly associated with naivety.

People believe that if one always sees the sunshine in every situation, they do not use reason or plan for the possibility of the storm. 

Let me be the first one to tell you that this is baloney. Absolute baloney. Optimistic individuals are the kings and queens of reason because they know that their thoughts shape their lives and figure that with this knowledge, it would be irrational not to use it to their benefit.

Positive thinking does not mean that you do not understand that some not-so-great things can occur; rather, you believe that the very best outcome will be the end result. With this in mind, you are able to better handle undesirable situations.  Pessimists always see that dark cloud looming.  They always focus their energy and attention on it and you know what, failure is a regular occurrence as a result.

Time For A Reality Check

But let me guess: you’re not a pessimist, you’re a realist, right? Well here’s a dose of “real” for you: you have created your reality and are shaping your future daily.  Until you eliminate the negative thoughts, your reality will remain the same. In other words “realists” do not exist.  Think about this one for a moment. I’ll wait.

Let's Break it Down

There have been countless books written on positive thinking and how it can benefit us tremendously, The Secret being one of the most popular, and it hasn't sold almost 20 million copies worldwide for nothing! Thoughts are the real deal sugar plum, and until we grasp and begin implementing this victory perspective, we will be stuck in the loser’s circle.

Everything is energy; we learned this at a tender age. Many greats of the past have spoken about the power of positive thinking and how it can affect our lives for the better, yet many still see it as some New Age fluke. To the doubters, I say this—what’s the harm in trying it out? Positive thinking, that is. I find many fear this concept because if it is true (which it most certainly is), the opposite must also hold true - negative thought patterns create a nightmare of a life. This is scary, because a lot of people do not know how to think positively.  This is where I come in.


For starters, you cannot succeed in life without an honest attempt. Just as it is silly to say that you never win anything if you never enter, it’s also foolish to try and succeed with a negative mindset.   It’s elementary, you must find that inner sunshine.

If you have a big interview coming up, prep your butt off and then claim it! Faith in your own abilities is such an important component to winning in life. Sure, the recruiters may have seen some really great candidates prior to your interview, but one thing you know for sure—they did not have you! Let your inner light shine brighter than the Vegas Strip and you cannot lose. When you act like a winner, you become one so fast. Victory is yours. I believe in you; now do your part, please, by believing in yourself.


Next, you must have confidence in your “luck”—yup, before it even happens. You must believe that you are the winner long before the prize arrives. You owe yourself this. Often deep down in those sticky feelings we love to ignore, we feel as though we do not deserve to have something great, erroneously believing that we are not good enough for it. 

It’s time to throw these limiting thoughts away permanently because they do not serve you. You are an amazing, unique individual capable of great feats, and you deserve to live a life you love. You owe yourself the opportunity to partake in things that make you happy and win amazing prizes (because who doesn’t love free stuff?)

Show me a “winning” individual with a negative mindset and I’ll show you my golden river on Mars. 

To help you with this Victory Perspective Mindset (because I do really want you to succeed), I have constructed a 7 Days to a Luckier You Challenge.  

The first round has gone amazingly well with really great feedback. People all over the world (from Bermuda to India) have taken part.  Within the week I have been emailed about job interviews popping up and how lives have changed for the better.  Yup, in only 7 days.   

The next one starts April 6th so sign up now.

Now, I want to make it clear, it is called a “challenge” for a reason.  It can get a little tough.  That’s why I have added prizes as an incentive (plus, what’s a “lucky” challenge, without prizes?)  

I have also written a book entitled Lucky Code: A Guide to Winning at Life.  This book is an A-Z no-frills guide with codes to increase your luck – how amazing is that?  It’s available for preorder now on Amazon, so do take a journey on over and click that buy button.  Remember, the best time to invest in your self-improvement is always now.

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