7 Ways to Eliminate the Effects of Negative People

Do you find yourself surrounded by individuals who are constantly nagging and complaining?

To be clear, this post isn't about someone who complains every so often (we’re human and are likely to slip up from time to time).  I'm referring to the Negative Nancy, Moody Margaret and Blaming Bill type. Oh, and Dissatisfied Darla, can’t forget her. You know the bunch, right? 

The no-matter-what-I-can't-find-my-inner-sunshine group that drain the life energy out of you the second they enter the room.  Energy mosquitoes I like to call them.     

Negative people are the equivalent of second-hand smoke. Although the negativity is not coming from you, it is equally as toxic.  Remove yourself – fast.  

They can stop you from achieving your biggest goals if you allow them.  If you cannot readily get away from the energy mosquitoes because they are at work or a family member who you live with, worry not doll, as I have 7 solutions to help.  If you prefer to watch the video of this blog post, click here.

1) Earphones

I swear earphones are a gift from God.  Not only do they allow you to block out the chaos of the energy mosquitoes, they allow you to listen to music that lifts your spirits in the process.  Pretty amazing tool, right?  

I've created an Inspirational Playlist to assist in this endeavour and it has worked wonders to block out the energy mosquitoes and keep me chasing my biggest goals.  I recommend that you do the same.   

2) Go Outside for a Walk 

Sometimes all you need is a little fresh air to revitalize your spirit. Go outside and take a brief walk. Easy enough, right?

3) Talk to Them

Having a mature conversation with the perpetrator to explain how their behavior affects you may prove beneficial. They may not be aware that they are so negative and will be thankful for the frank feedback. 

Well, this or they’ll be highly offended that you had the audacity to approach them about it and never speak to you again as a result – win-win the way I see it! 

At the end of the day, as long as you are kind in your approach, you cannot be held responsible for their reaction.  Shine on Goal Chaser, one less Negative Nancy to bring you down. 

4) Email or Letter

Not quite the type up for confrontation? That’s fine, try an email or a letter. Even if you do not send it, it will help you clarify your feelings towards the situation until you build up the courage or an alternate plan of attack.

5) Miss the Gossip Train

Whatever you do, do not hop on the gossip train. Energy mosquitoes LOVE to hang out there.  There is an Arab proverb that goes, “The words of the tongue should have three gate keepers: Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?” We can all benefit from considering these gate keepers every time we are tempted to speak ill of another.  

Try playing ignorant - like you have no idea what they are talking about, or change the subject completely.  It will not get you a lot of friends, but it will get you the right ones. Bah-Bye Doubtful Darla!

6)  Ignore Them

Where your active responsiveness shows, negativity grows, so ignore them.  Easier said than done, I know. Number one on this list can assist with ignoring the energy mosquito in your life.

7) Recommend my book, 
Lucky  Code. 

How’s that for a plug? No, I'm being completely genuine with this.  Lucky Code is dripping with positivity! Aside from this, it teaches the reader how to Get Lucky in Life. They will be so caught up in using the codes to Get Lucky they will not even notice that they are changing themselves for the better in the process.  Thank me later ;)

I do hope that you found these tips useful and  begin to apply them asap to squash the energy mosquitoes in your life.

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Until next time,

Gayneté Edwards




22/03/2015 7:52pm

Great reminders to stay the course as a goal chaser! Thanks for the reminders.

22/03/2015 8:55pm

Any time Toneka!

Glad you enjoyed the read

Shirlyn Sizemore
23/03/2015 1:33am

Nice words of wisdom. I always enjoy your blogs, keep it up!

23/03/2015 5:23am

Gracias Shirlyn!

I appreciate the support and I am so glad that you take delight in reading them! Will have another for you next week ;)

22/04/2015 7:01am

Thanks for sharing in detail. Your blog is an inspiration! Apart of really useful tips, it's just really !


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