4 Steps to Conquer Your Fear and Achieve your Goal

Hello Goal Chasers! 

Today we will talk about that horrible F word – Fear. Not the fear of heights or insects (which Is TOTALLY acceptable – they are frightening creatures!), rather, the mind blocks that we create that prevent us from reaching our goals.    

We must overcome the fear, stepping out of our comfort zone (because nothing great ever happens there) to chase our biggest goals.

This week, I conquered a HUGE fear of mine – videos.  Believe it or not, I was terrified of filming a video.   I knew however that my fear was small in comparison to my goal (which is reaching all of the Goal Chasers – assisting them to not only to chase, but to achieve their goals set).   

I know that all the Goal Chasers may not hang out on Instagram or Facebook so they will not find my messages there – many hang out on Youtube.  

I conquered that fear by creating a YouTube channel, posting my very first video – you can view it here.

Now I want to help you to conquer your fear & achieve your goals using the 4 steps below!

1) Identify the Fear

My fear was filming a video of myself.  What is yours? What is the fear preventing you from getting a step closer to your goal? 

If your ultimate goal is to quit your 9-5 to start an entrepreneurial venture, your fear may be not having sufficient funds to hold you in the growth stage of your business. 

Or maybe you want a pay increase but are terrified of talking to your boss, advising her of your desire for a promotion.  

Maybe you want to extend your family and fear that your husband may not be on board.  

Whatever the underlying fear is preventing you from achieving your goal, I want you to write it down.

2) Identify the Fearful Thoughts Behind the Fear & Change Them

Next, you must identify the plaguing thoughts behind your biggest fear and change them to more positive ones.  Fearful thoughts are much like crying babies – they do not go away by ignoring them.  Like a baby, you must lift up your fearful thought and change it. 

My fearful thoughts were:

What if I sound stupid? 
What if no one watches the video
What if I cannot upload it? 
What if? What if?  What if? 


You know what, who cares if someone thinks I sound stupid – my ultimate goal is too important to worry about the opinions of others.  I will do a video and rock it.

You see, my goal (to get you Goal Chasers to achieve YOUR biggest goals) is much bigger than me.  It would not be fair to myself OR to you to allow limiting beliefs to stop me. 

So now – what are your fearful thoughts? Write them down, then write down a replacement thought which is the exact opposite.  

Whenever you feel yourself thinking that fearful thought, I want you to replace it with the new one, deal?   You may not feel it right away, but if you continue to replace that negative thought with the new positive one you will soon believe it – which will assist you to achieve your ultimate goal.

3) Identify the Action Step

What action step must you take that terrifies you? For me, it was recording a video.  I wrote it down and promised myself to do it.  I then took it a step further and committed to doing multiple videos, posting a minimum of once a week.  I knew that it’ll take more than one video for me to completely conquer the fear.

Now, what is your action step?  Is it to hand in your resignation letter? Is it to update and send out your resume? Is it to have that difficult conversation with a loved one?  Whatever it is – write it down and commit to doing it. 

4) Schedule it & take action

The most difficult of the 4 steps to conquering your fear – to schedule that action step and to take action.   The reality is, the steps above are great and help you - but only at the surface. 

See, I identified my fear and the underlying thoughts and knew I had to do a video in order to overcome my fear.  All of the above however did not erase my fear as I had not yet stepped out of my comfort zone and made the video.  

Only once I scheduled the time to do it and pressed the record button did it occur. 

You will get uncomfortable, this is a great sign – it means you are on the verge of amazing things! 

Push yourself to do the exact thing that terrifies you most, your goals are worth it.

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15/03/2015 9:59pm

Thanks for the inspiration. I definitely need to apply this in my life more often. I signed up for the challenge too, can't wait!

19/03/2015 6:15am

Ooooo I can't wait for you to start. 3 more days!

16/03/2015 7:21pm

Great advice!!! And very inspiring!

19/03/2015 6:18am

Thanks Nicte!
Glad you were inspired
Now off you go to conquer your fears ;)


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