In an attempt to break up much of the negativity flowing through our timelines,  I bring you a new blog. Exciting right? This is where you jump for joy. I will wait.

My Mission.

My mission here is simple – to inspire, uplift and motivate readers to become better versions of themselves and to reach goals set - once and for all.  

You will witness my words becoming my canvas, as I paint thought provoking takeaways and strategies for conquering some of life's toughest lessons successfully.  All stories will be factual (because no one likes a phony), with insightful lessons learned and dashes of humor along the way.  

Background - 
Because no one likes a blank canvas.

My name – Gayneté A. M. Edwards. 

Mom. Model.  Business Woman.  Author.   Blogger.  Very Lucky Individual.  

I aim to find lessons in every situation and look to assist you with turning your lemons into lemonade (only if they’re the organic kind of course).  I am absolutely frightened of the possibility of living a mediocre life and do all that I can to prevent this from happening.   I'm serious - the idea of being average motivates me daily - if you feel the same way you MUST join the Goal Chasers' Club by subscribing to my mailing list here.

I do not drink alcohol (though I have had many reasons to begin) and for only  28 years on this planet, I have had my  handful of life changing experiences that have altered the way I perceive life for the better.  Before the tender age of 20 alone, the following occurred:

  • Motherhood (19)
  • Major surgery removing a piece of my windpipe (I have a pretty cool scar on my back to prove it - Game of Thrones-ish)
  • Been held hostage in Venezuela by Columbian cops (a future blog post, so do stay tuned!)
  • Lived in a developing country for a year. (An experience I wouldn't trade for the world.  Ever.)
  • Learned a second language  (Hola!)
  • Won a beauty pageant 
  • Turned down the opportunity to model for a major agency (Silly me!)

The past eight years have been spent getting educated, travelling the world and figuring out just how I fit in, on this large globe we call home.  

For a bit more details about me, check out my About Me page here.

Hook. Line. Sinker.

Intrigued yet? If you found any of the above mildly interesting, we were meant to find each other!  I don't believe in coincidences; it was fate that landed you here and there is a message for you to receive.  So play along nicely with the universe and add your name to my contact list to become an official Goal Chaser!   

You will not regret it - and if you do (which I highly doubt), I allow you to opt out of receiving my messages - deal?

I promise not to send spam and will commit to sending you no more than two messages a week – because no one likes stalkers. 

Oh, and while I have your attention, check out my book entitled Lucky Code.  It dismisses the premise that 'luck' is attained through the carrying of charms and birthright, providing easily digestible A-Z chapters so that you can 'get lucky' in life too. 

As I win amazing things all the time and have super awesome occurrences quite often, I thought that it would be a disservice not to share just how I do it.  It took a while for me to learn the Lucky Code (28 years to be exact) and I don't want to see you struggling to figure it out on your own.  Or worse yet, never figure it out! 

Could you use a little more 'luck' in your life?  How about A LOT more?  Then you should pre-order Lucky Code asap on Amazon here.  The best time to invest in yourself is always now.

One Last Thing! 

I have been told that I share some pretty cool things through social media - find out for yourself by simply following me on Instagram or liking my Facebook Page

Adios for now!
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Sammy F.
15/02/2015 3:18pm

I found you on Instagram. I look forward to reading more posts.

21/02/2015 9:55am

Thanks for the support Sammy!

Eugene Carmichael
11/05/2015 2:08pm

Hola! Gayneté: I'm a fellow Bermudian living in Valencia, Spain. I, too am a positive thinker and I have linked with you because one positive thinker is great; but two, working together can achieve anything, and everything worthwhile.

One question: where have you been all my life?

Looking forward to a long and productive association.



Your website is absolutely great constantly a enjoyment to go through your posts.

26/05/2015 5:11am

Glad you're enjoying Vashikaran!
Do be sure to sign up for the Goal Chasers Mailing list to get first dibs on new posts.

28/06/2015 8:48pm

Thank you for sharing! It's one of life's most important goals to be a better person and thank you for sharing how you do it and for motivating others through your blog. It's a challenging and difficult goal to achieve but the rewards are great. Wouldn't you be proud to know that you are growing into a person to the best that you can be?

20/08/2015 2:47pm

Many thanks for getting enough time to discuss this, They have been a giant help for us. Thanks a whole lot.

01/09/2015 2:01pm

I realize it is only now writing a blog is extremely helpful for me as well as for my work. I would like to say thanks to much to you.

08/10/2015 1:22am

Life is name of difficult challenges which everyone faces in different situations. In 28 years, you have great experiences about how to face difficult challenges. I follow you on Facebook and get detail knowledge about your life experiences.

12/10/2015 12:30pm

You have very stylish and accurate blog. I like it much.

17/11/2015 10:00am

Goal chasers are beautiful young girl. This is great blog people really like such type of blogs. She is best game changers people really like her and their work. When people go to the tour or game visit place they see the many people who participate in it.


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