7 Things Your Boss Secretly Wishes You Would Stop:

Are you stuck in a career stalemate?  Do you often get overlooked for golden opportunities for growth at your place of employment?  Do have an inkling that your boss secretly dislikes you?  Chances are you are committing one of the 7 cardinal sins of the workplace and don’t even realize it.  Keep reading to find out if what you’re doing is threatening your climb to the top.

1.  Gossiping. 
Do you get thrilled at the thought of being the first to know some “juice” about someone in the office and just need to share it?  Do you love speaking in hushed tones when you don’t want others to know that you know something about them? Do you feel the need to discuss the horrible wardrobe choices of a colleague? *Yawn* Please just stop. Your boss knows all about your water machine rendezvous and  secretly wishes you would quit it. Not only are you wasting time when you should be working, you are also bringing down the morale of other staff members. 

2. Tattling.
Do you run to your boss the second someone does wrong? Do you go looking for things that were done incorrectly when a co-worker goes on vacation? Do you attempt to disguise someone’s wrong doing as a joke when superiors are around with hopes that they overhear you?  Mal intent never ends well and please believe that your boss doesn't want to hear it.  Stop watching what others are doing and focus on your job.  If the issue is worth knowing your powers that be will find out, guaranteed.  No one likes a tattle tale.  We are all adults and it is time to begin acting like it.  Moving right along.

3. Blaming.
Do you find yourself blaming a co-worker for something going south in the office?  What about for a project you worked on jointly taking longer than expected to complete? The Blame Game is one game that you need to sit out of immediately.  Often times, fault is twofold and blame is a mechanism used to showcase the other culprit, in an attempt to get the burden of liability off of ourselves. The more time spent focusing on who is to blame, the less time we have to find a solution and move on. I discuss blame in greater detail in my book, Lucky Code, as it is a sure fire way to remain down and out. In the meantime, know that your boss hates it and desperately wishes you would stop.

4. Extended Breaks.
This one is obvious.  If you take longer than the time allotted for a break, you are essentially stealing from the company as you are getting paid for time you are not around.  Your boss notices and likely gets infuriated by the thought (if you do it often). Sometimes circumstances out of our control may require us to stay out a little longer than intended.  If this happens, be sure to send your superior an email or give them a ring to advise.  They would really appreciate it.

5. Doing Just Enough.
Doing what your job description calls for and not a thing more? Chances are if you resonate with the above, you get overlooked often for promotions, business trips and conferences. This is because your boss cannot trust you with more responsibility if you do not show them you can indeed handle it.  Goal Chasers go beyond the call of duty often.  They roll up their sleeves and get to work.  They work extra hours if need be and produce great results.  Doing just enough would always put you at the bottom of your superior’s list of go-to employees. Do more, be more. 

6. Sick Following Holidays.
Everyone knows the age old trick of calling in sick the day after a holiday, party weekend or birthday.  I will not go into too much detail in this one because I think it is pretty obvious –
Your boss hates when you abuse company benefits, so just stop.

7. Fluttering.
Do you desk hop, disturbing others with stories of weekend happenings and the latest social media posts and celebrity gossip?  Chances are you are quite the social butterfly in the office.  Fluttering may just be the worst on this list because you create a distraction, which isn't conducive to any working environment. 

Wrap Up.
It is my hope that the above are not things you do, rather something you could relate to because you are a boss or know a few co-workers who are guilty of committing the office crimes.  Please share with others to spread the word – and to stop friends from dooming their climb up the corporate ladder. 

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These seven points are well authentic & realistic. There is no doubt that boss always dislike these things.


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