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A part of living in this world sanely is the acceptance that things will not go as planned 100% of the time – especially if you’re a Goal Chaser. And when life throws those curve balls, if we aren’t prepared with a relief mitt to catch, we can easily be hit and knocked to our feet by the surge of stress.  

Before I share 5 easy ways to relieve stress, you must be able to identify how your body reacts to stress.  To ignore this simple step, could cause you much pain…and even a hospital bed.

For me, stress almost always goes for my shoulders. They tense up….my breathing isn’t as smooth…in fact, I hold my breath a little. Because I’m  able to catch this, I don’t stay stressed for long.

How does your body tell you that it’s stressed?

Below, I will share 5 simple ways to relieve stress fast:

Hello Serenity:
5 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress Fast

#1 Awaken Your Senses
Awakening your senses in a soothing way for your soul instantly begins peeling stress away.

Smell – Try adding a couple drops of essential oil (like this organic lavender one that I use) when running your bath.

Sight – Take a slow stroll in nature (beachside or walking barefoot on the grass works wonders!) to reconnect with what’s important, regenerate, and melt away stress.

Touch – Get a stress-busting massage. Need I say more?

Hear – Listen to some soothing tunes. Create a playlist with music that relaxes you (or lifts your spirits).

Taste – Eat some of your favorite fruit to give you a much needed ‘pick-me-up’ of energy. Mangoes work wonders. Seriously – give it a try.

#2 Talk About It
Share your troubles with a loving family member or friend. You’d be surprised how much lighter you feel by simply talking it out.

#3 Write It Out
Not quite the one for talking? No problem, write it out and imagine that with each word put on the paper, your concerns drift further and further away.

#4 Breathe baby, Breathe
This seems like an obvious one, but we usually do not realize how our breathing changes when stressed.  It’s typically more shallow and held for periods at a time.

Make a conscious effort to check in with your breath and make it slower and longer.  

Exercise to try: Close your eyes and breathe in for a silent count of 4 and out for 4. Repeat this 10 times.

#5 Sleep
Everything is better on a rested mind, and even better if you try any of the tips above before drifting off.

I hope this helped. Leave a comment below to share your favorite stress-busting tip!

Hold it right there!

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<![CDATA[Fall Into Better Habits: 3 Ways to Jumpstart Your Goals Before The New Year]]>Sun, 25 Sep 2016 13:25:38 GMThttp://gaynete.com/1/post/2016/09/fall-into-better-habits-3-ways-to-jumpstart-your-goals-before-the-new-year.html
As the season shifts from summer to fall it’s an excellent time to hone in on what you really want out of life, and determine what’s working and what’s not in your attempt to achieve it.

As the leaves start to fall, you too can use this as a catalyst to begin falling into some new habits that’ll help jumpstart your goals. There’s no need to waste an entire quarter of a year, before chasing your goals full throttle come the New Year.

Starting a new habit is a lot easier than trying to break the ones you have. It's all in the approach.

Below, I will share 3 simple habits you can easily begin that’ll make a huge difference where your goals are concerned.

Fall Into Better Habits: 3 Ways to Jumpstart Your Goals Before The New Year

1. Your Goals Are Simply a Turn of the Page Away

In other words, read.  Whatever your goal is, there are plenty books waiting to educate you on the subject to make it easier for you to crush it.

Whether you’re looking to boost your finances, start your own business, lose weight or win a Nobel Prize, there’s something for you.  

If you’re simply lacking inspiration, I recommend my best-seller Lucky Code.  #ImNotAfraidOfShamelessPlugs

Gone are the days when you had to struggle to get the information you needed. Everything is now at your fingertips. Amazon allows you to purchase books online or have electronic ones sent to your smart phone. Even YouTube has a video for just about everything under the sun.  We are in an age of information – let’s use it!

Some of my favorite books that have helped me with my different goals are as follows:

Rich Dad Poor Dad 
The Alchemist
Smart Women Finish Rich
Think and Grow Rich
The Conscious Parent
Money, Master the Game
Forks over Knives
Happy Vegan

No excuses not to get in on this. You could even download the audio / kindle versions for most of them to listen/read on the go!

2. Just Clock It

If you’re thinking, “I don’t have the time to read”, then this is for you. If you say, “I’d do (fill in the blank), if only I had the time.” This too is for you.  

Newsflash, we all have the same 24 hours and we are all busy. Why then do some achieve and others merely dream of one day achieving?

Winners. Make. The. Time. *dramatic piano chord*

Allow your clock to be your allied – it is not your enemy.  

Wake up early, go to bed a little later. Use your lunch breaks. Spend your weekends wisely.  Work smarter today, so that tomorrow you can chill.

The new IOS (sorry android users but I’m an Apple fan), has some new cool alarms that will wake you up less dramatically. Use them.

Schedule time to do your reading/planning/actions that will help you get closer to your goals like your life depends on it, because it does.

3. Eat Better

Now this one is far from exciting, but needs to be shared. What we put into our bodies determines just how much energy we’ll have to chase those goals of ours.

Since making the switch to a vegan lifestyle my mood is better, I have more energy, my memory has improved and my thoughts are much clearer.

Now, although I’m not telling you that you must go vegan (though I could list a million reasons you should), you must begin to realize just how important your body’s health is to your success.

After all, who will chase your goals for you if you’re sick?

Start small by incorporating more fruits and veggies into your diet daily. The vitamin boost will have your brain doing the cha-cha!
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<![CDATA[Millionaire Thoughts (Interview w/ Denise DT)]]>Sat, 12 Mar 2016 21:02:47 GMThttp://gaynete.com/1/post/2016/03/millionaire-thoughts-interview-w-denise-dt.html
Goal Chaser, this week you're in for a special treat.

It's Money Making March and this week I interviewed the money mindset expert herself Denise Duffield-Thomas, who happens to be a hip, 30-somethin' award winning speaker, former B-Schooler, best-selling author, money mentor...oh, and a millionaire. 

It wasn't always this way though - Denise went from a single-parent, government assisted home as a child, to $50,000.00 in debt in her 20s - to running a million dollar business in her 30s. Intrigued yet? 

In the interview Denise shares her story of debt, some freebies to help you manifest money and some amazing tips to get you motivated to take hold of your wallet situation today.

Take a listen below:

Free gifts from Denise

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Get her free Money Manifestation Formula right over here.

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<![CDATA[3 Little (& Simple) Ways to Save BIG]]>Sun, 06 Mar 2016 20:41:15 GMThttp://gaynete.com/1/post/2016/03/3-little-simple-ways-to-save-big.html
Welcome to Money Making March! 

It has been a while since I put my blog posts up on this site. I was sharing them exclusively with the official Goal Chasers on my mailing list weekly though. Make sure you're on the list so that you don't miss out going forward.

Often times it isn't until the holiday season that we realize how poorly we've done with our financial goals for the year.

If you take heed this week to this post, you will not have the no-money holiday blues - period. 

Let's dive right in.

3 Little Ways to Save BIG

#1 - Paper Chasin'

With this method, a little goes a long way. Save every $1 or $2 or even $5 note that you get and don't spend them. By the holiday season, you will have extra $ to spend on food and gifts, or to roll over to the next year. 

Canadian? Save all of the toonie coins you get! In England? Save your pound coins.

This year I've saved every single $2 bill that has touched my hands and I have nearly $70 worth of 2s already with little effort. I reckon to have an extra $500 by end of the year with this. I've also began saving all the US$ bills that I get for my next trip there in July (The US$ is 1-for-1 here so they're used interchangeably with local notes and quite easy to collect).

Here's a pic of the beautiful Bermuda $2 bills I've collected so far this year!
#2 - Stack Up the Sizeable Savings

It can get a little overwhelming sometimes sticking to the half-your-earnings method, especially if you are new to saving or are still paying off your debts.  Because of this, I've created a simple sheet that I've entitled Goal Chaser Sizeable Savings to help you to save - allowing you to alternate between saving $20 and $5 a week. 

Sounds easy enough right?

By December 9th you'll have $500 bucks. Yup. And if you want an extra $1000 simply double my method - want $2000? Double it again.

The key is not to skip a week because it seems like such a nominal amount - soon when you're months down the road and trying to play catch-up it can get difficult. 

Feel free to save more than the amounts designated for the week too - make it your own!

PDF & Photo below of the Sizeable Savings Sheet so you can hop right to it:
Sizeable Savings Sheet.pdf
#3 - Jiggle All The Way - To The Bank!

If you're like most people - you don't like coins. They're heavy, noisy and aren't worth a whole lot. 

I get it - but hear me out.

Until year-end save EVERY SINGLE ONE you get. This means, when something is $5.05 cents, don't reach for that nickle - give $6 and take that .95c with pride.

At the end of each day - put all of your coins in a large durable container/jar.

In December take it to the bank's coin counter machine with pride.  You may need help to take it there because it'll be heavy.

I know someone who recently did this and was able to save over $1,200 and purchased a cruise ticket.  

Coins are not  useless - don't fall into the hype. If you see one proudly pick it up!


I hope you realize now that a little can go a long way. Participating in the three suggestions above can also be lots of fun.  Get a few friends or family members to join you and make a competition out of it.

You're Mantra For The Week:

I'm a powerful saving machine. Wealth flows to me with ease and I welcome it with open arms.

Until next week you super-saver xo
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<![CDATA[5 Steps For Finding Your Recipe For Success]]>Sun, 22 Nov 2015 15:05:41 GMThttp://gaynete.com/1/post/2015/11/5-steps-for-finding-your-recipe-for-success.html
The biggest secret to success, is that there are no secrets at all, and there is no “one way” to get there. 

Many try to sell a “secret sauce”, with a promise that it’s the only way to succeed, the reality is, there are no cookie cutter solutions.  We are all so unique with many different goals and aspirations.

Like with any recipe, what one finds mouthwatering and scrumptious, may be too salty, too sweet or tasteless to the next person.

Let’s dive into 5 steps for your recipe for success.

1.  Main Ingredients

Just as you cannot be expected to make a pumpkin pie, without pumpkin and a crust, or to make chocolate chip cookies without chocolate or heat, there are just some things I think are mandatory when on the road to being a true success at anything.  

Those things are time, effort and a positive attitude.  

With the 3 ingredients noted above, you are half way there.  Couple them with the next 4 steps, and you are on your way to making the sweetest recipe you've ever tasted.

2. A lot of Strength – The Soft Kind

The word strength in this case isn't referring to the amount of weight you can lift, or even the degrees that you hold, rather the soft set of skills that come naturally (or that you've developed really well over time). 

Give this some real thought, because it’s an important component to your unique recipe.

What do you do well?  Throw in a lot of that in your big ol’ bowl, and watch the magic begin.  We are all great at something.  Whether it’s communication, remaining upbeat, taking in information, or even praying/meditating. 

Play to your strengths and your success will come quicker than you can say Betty-Croker.

3. Keep a Dash of “Why” Handy

What’s the big “why”, behind what you want to do?  Is it for your child(ren)? Is it to acquire a life of freedom and happiness?  Do you want to be successful so that you can make a difference in your country?  Do you want to attain a ridiculous amount of wealth (Psst – this one is best when coupled with others)? Do you want to give your parents a life that they deserve?  Is your "why" all of the above?

Whatever you big “why” is, make sure you keep it close to your heart and recall it frequently.  Especially if the road gets a little bumpy. Write it down and stick it to a mirror you frequently pass if you have a bad memory.  

Having the motivation that you need at your fingertips, is the equivalent to having a fire extinguisher around if you’re prone to catching things on fire.  It’ll keep you and your dream of success safe. 

4. Bake in the Priorities

What are your uncompromiseables? Yes, I totally made that word up, but what are the things that you aren’t willing to compromise on?  Is it your faith? Is it your health? Is it 8 hours of sleep?  Is it helping your child(ren) with homework?  What are the big priorities in your life? 

Make a note of your priorities, and if you find that what you’re doing is jeopardizing any of the things on your list, let this be a red flag that you’re not on the right track, and need to try a new approach.

Bake your priorities into your recipe, to ensure that they do not escape.

5. Pour in The Faith & Mix in the Support

Faith is needed by the droves when following dreams.  Whether that’s believing in your own abilities, in a higher power to assist you, or a combination of the two, you need to pour this in your mixture as soon as possible.  Create a list of positive affirmations, scriptures or quotes that uplift you.

Also, make a list of loved ones that you know will be supportive and of positive blogs / books that can support your journey- and be sure to use them.

Now, I know that was a lot to take in.  Luckily, I created a Cheat Sheet for you.  The sheet walks you through all 5 of the steps noted above. 

Click Here To Download Your FREE Recipe Guide 

<![CDATA[Live in The Now & Build A Brighter Tomorrow]]>Sun, 08 Nov 2015 13:35:53 GMThttp://gaynete.com/1/post/2015/11/live-in-the-now-build-a-brighter-tomorrow.html
Many goal-oriented individuals are guilty of living in the future. Admit it, you’re guilty of the “I-can’t-wait-until-the-day-comes-when...” bug right?   We’ve all been there. 

Have you ever waited all year for a birthday, a special vacation, or a holiday to roll around, then before you know it, seemingly in the blink of an eye, it came and went and didn’t live up to your expectations?  If so, you’re likely living in the future.  

You're building so much anticipation for what is to come, and not enjoying the journey to get there and the moment when it actually arrives.  

You may even find yourself frequently, reflecting on the past, wishing things worked out differently, or wishing that you handled something a little better.  This doesn’t serve you either.

It’s time to hone in, slow down and take in all that is truly wonderful around us today, right this moment.  Only when we do this, does tomorrow ever shape up to be what we envisioned (and often times even better!).

How Do I Do This?

First, begin appreciating what you have already.

Next, stop focusing on what you don’t want any more of. Have you ever noticed the person who always says , “I don’t want any drama” normally has the most of it?  
I then want you to start focusing on what you have today that is working.  Feel your breath and marvel in the body’s ability to function without your input. 

The feeling of true bliss and fulfilment, which everyone wants at the end of the day, only occurs once we master living in the present moment - a gift we receive daily.

Let's Get Clear Here

By no means, am I asking you to walk around barefoot humming, skipping and smiling 100% of the time, because life is perfect, that isn't realistic (but you’re welcome to give it a shot if it tickles your fancy).   I do, however, want you to realize the importance of this very moment, as it shapes the moments to come. 

If you’re ready to build a brighter future by learning to master this present moment, then I invite you to try my 5 Day Core Energy Challenge

Goal setting starts on the inside, in the now.  This core energy challenge helps you to focus on the now, which allows you to begin building a better, brighter, more intentional future for yourself.

You need to participate in this free challenge if:
  • You’re glued to your phone/ipad/tv, and no longer look people in the eyes when holding a conversation.  We’ve all been guilty of being sucked into this one, right?
  • If you want healthier relationships. No one on their deathbed wishes that they caught one more round of the nightly news or refreshed their Facebook newsfeed once more.  They reflect on the things that truly matter - the time spent with loved ones and impact made.
  • If you're ready for more good to come your way
  • Want life to be easier and no longer want to simply "roll with the punches"

<![CDATA[Last Minute Lucy : 4 Tips to Cut Procrastination Once and For All]]>Sun, 01 Nov 2015 10:27:58 GMThttp://gaynete.com/1/post/2015/11/last-minute-lucy-4-tips-to-cut-procrastination-once-and-for-all.html
The deadline that you've known about for nearly a month now is approaching, and you’re rushing to complete a task that’s due in the next hour.  Sounds familiar?

How about goofing around on your phone or computer all morning, then finding yourself racing to get out of the door in time for work?

We’ve all been guilty of befriending Mr. Procrastination at one point or another.

In order to be the best version of ourselves, however, the efficient goal-achieving machine that we destine to be, we must make the most of our time.  Time management is a key component to success.  Doing things in advance, doesn’t seem like a whole lot of fun, but it will actually free up our time to do the things we really want to do and lessen the stress in the long run.  

Let’s commit, going forward, to cut procrastination once and for all using the four simple tips below.

1.  Do the least fun thing first

Don’t believe the lies, “I work good under pressure” and “I need the adrenaline rush that the last minute provides”.  This is simply justification for an unnecessary strain on our bodies.  To avoid this, as soon as you wake up, tackle your biggest task head-on. 

Is it a tough call you’re avoiding? Some paperwork piling up by the day? Applying for a new passport?  Whatever it is that makes you suck your teeth and/or roll your eyes simply thinking about it, should be moved to the top of your to-do list.  It’ll make the rest of your day, and week, a breeze. 

2.  Batch process

Try and do the easy, yet time consuming / mundane / reoccurring tasks in bulk.  Iron your clothes for the week. Make dinner in advance and freeze it. Write a ton of blog posts at once (note to self).

Doing the easier tasks, which take up a bit of time, all together, actually frees up your time in the long run.  Respice finem – keep the end in view.  Now head down and get to batching.

3.  Break down huge projects

Do you have a really huge project to complete that you’re taking forever to get moving on?  Take a look at all of the moving pieces and tackle them one at a time.  Sometimes, looking at the big picture can be a bit overwhelming, and overwhelm can cause procrastination.  

Break down the huge task in smaller chunks and do them one at a time.  This way, you have little wins, encouraging you to continue on.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, moving house, cleaning the kitchen cabinets or have a monster project at work, take a moment and write down all that is required to pull it off successfully, then commit to one of the tasks at a time – starting now.

4.  Schedule it

It’s something about your alert on your phone or computer going off that makes it all seem real and urgent.

Schedule your tasks as if they’re a hot date or doctor appointment.  Just as you wouldn't miss these things, don’t miss the opportunity to kick procrastination in the butt.  Tackle that task once and for all by scheduling the time out to complete it.


I truly hope that this post helped my Last Minute Lucys out there.  Let’s commit for the next month (minimum) not to procrastinate, and let’s watch the magic happen together!

If you want even more tips and tricks to assist you to chase and achieve your biggest goals :
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<![CDATA[4 Simple Ways to Change Lives  Daily]]>Sun, 25 Oct 2015 15:46:59 GMThttp://gaynete.com/1/post/2015/10/4-simple-ways-to-change-lives-daily.html
It’s easy to take and  to ask. This week in a very short blog post,  I will share how we can assist others, and change the world, one small action at a time. 

There is much to say about a philanthropic heart. To give of our time, labor, and/or money to better the position of another in need is truly a beautiful thing. To give it kindly, without expectations of receiving anything in return, is even better.

Regardless of whether you believe in the principal of causality—the idea that what you do now (positive or negative) comes back to you at a future date—giving back should always be a no-brainer.

Below are 4 simple ways to change lives daily.

1) Give of your time:

Many people think giving time has to be stressful or that it doesn’t count, but this does not have to be the case and it can definitely make a huge difference in your life and in the life of the person you’re giving your time to, if done with the best of intentions. 

Try spending some time reading to a loved one or assist a neighbor in the yard. These small things can create a world of change.

2) Give of your Resources:

Simply being the middleman (or middlewoman) connecting someone in need with the person who can help them can greatly change their life.  

Share your connections!

3) Give Financially:

If donating financially, research the best fit for your dollar. What are you passionate about?

Once you figure this out and make a donation, follow the money, being sure to find out exactly how it will be used and following up to see if it has been done. 

Even if only donating a minimal amount, don’t be afraid to ask the question.

4) Remember, Small Things Matter:

Often times, we forget about the little things that can leave great impact. 

Smiles are free, so give them away in abundance, you just never know who needs a warm, genuine smile.  Also give compliments away by the dozens if you see a gorgeous lipstick color on someone or if you are enjoying the scent of someone’s cologne.  These little things can make someone’s day!

If you’d like to dive deeper into giving and doing amazing things to shake this world for the better, then I invite to you to participate in my free 7 Day Good Karma Challenge. 

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<![CDATA[5 Steps to End 2015 With a Bang + FREE Activity Sheet to Ensure You Take Action]]>Sat, 03 Oct 2015 17:52:23 GMThttp://gaynete.com/1/post/2015/10/5-steps-to-end-2015-with-a-bang-free-activity-sheet-to-ensure-you-take-action.html
The final quarter of 2015 is here!  Feels like just yesterday we were screaming, “Happy new Year!”

Many things have happened this year, and many plans made on January 1st, 2015, have fallen to the wayside; this is okay.  The start of the race can be important, but how you finish is all that really counts.

This week we will get right into 5 steps to end the year strong and I’ve even added a free gift to ensure you begin putting the work in to end 2015 with a bang.  Let’s get into that New Year spirit now.

1.  Mind Dump 
(free cheat sheet) 

With so much on the mind, and so many “need-to-dos”, it can prove difficult to find a starting ground.  This is because, for the most part, the laundry list of items remains in our heads.  Having a mental replica of Mount Everest, creates a great block which makes it difficult to take action. 

I recommend dumping everything out of the brain that needs to be done.  All of it.  From that deep cleaning of the kitchen cabinets to that call to your dear Aunt Elsa that you’ve been putting off.  Getting it all out of your head and onto paper is the first step to getting you back on track to end the year with a bang. 

Take it a step further by breaking the items down into “this week” “this month” and “before the year is out”.  Grab your Goal Chaser's Mind Dump Sheet Here to give you a hand.

2. Set Schedule

Once your mind dump has been done, go ahead and schedule the items.  Scheduling items on your mind dump list increases the likelihood that they will get accomplished.

I like to use the Google Calendar app on my iPad, but you could even use a traditional agenda.  Utilize whichever reminder system you normally use for appointments that you just can’t afford to miss. 

3. Commit & Execute

What’s a plan without execution?  What’s a treasure map worth if you never get the treasure?  Time to commit to follow the schedule set.  

How badly do you want to achieve?  How willing are you to give the rest of the year all you’ve got and end it with a bang?   Be sure to commit this time, once and for all to finish that which you set your mind out to do. 

4. Grab An Accountability Partner

There’s something so powerful about having someone in your corner.  Find an accountability partner that's on a similar journey as  you and share goals, keep each other on track and encourage one another.  

My accountability partner, Dr. Toneka Etienne and I speak daily about our goals, fears, difficulties and successes.   Since joining forces earlier this year, our goals have been achieved at a rapid pace.

Toneka wrote a post just a couple weeks ago all about the power of an accountability partner.  You can find it here. 

Grab yourself a good accountability partner  and you’ll reach your goals with swiftness, I promise.

5. Begin Now

Last step is to start now.  Not tomorrow, not next week, not even later on today.  Grab some tools right away:

Goal Chaser's Mind Dump Worksheet
Blog post about Accountability Partners

Begin now.  No excuses.


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<![CDATA[Need More Time to Get Things Done? 3 Tips to Increase Your Productivity]]>Sat, 26 Sep 2015 22:27:39 GMThttp://gaynete.com/1/post/2015/09/3-tips-to-increase-your-productivity.html
Here we go again.  Yet another month has passed, and you’re no closer to that goal of yours.  “I don’t have the time”, you tell yourself.  But is that truly the case?  You see others around you making headway and think, “If only I had the time, they’re so lucky.” But are they?  Or have they simply adjusted their life to accommodate this new-found success? 

Sacrifice isn’t one of my favorite words to use.  In fact, I think it paints a misconception that one must cry blood and tears before any good comes their way.  This is simply not the truth.  I prefer the phrase “temporary trade-off”.   Trading off your time, money and/or energy today, for a smoother long-term ride tomorrow (you know, one with more free time, money and energy), is what it ultimately takes to achieve big.   So how bad do you want it?  Are you willing to put in what it takes right this moment, if you have the chance to reap the rewards in the future?  

I don’t know about you, but I believe long-term visions are the way to go.  Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? How about 10?  If you’re doing things the way you’ve always done them, you will be in the same place, guaranteed…with a few years shaved off of your life and a few wrinkles added.  Not my idea of fun.  Below, I will share 3 tips to increase your productivity, helping you to find the time that you think you do not have, so that you can achieve those big goals once and for all.  Sounds like something you’d be interested in? Great, let’s dive right in.

1.  Watch Less TV

New York Daily News estimates that children aged 2-11 watch over 24 hours of television per week, while adults aged 35-49 watch more than 33 hours (and this increases as we grow older). The average person in the United States watches 5 hours of television a day! That means that more than an entire day per week is spent in front of a television. I cannot be the only one that finds this mind-boggling.  This is where your time is spent!

Here's the thing, I don’t want to be average, and I know you don’t want to be either, so it’s time to make a change. I watch under an hour of television per week (yup, you read that correctly) and it makes all the difference.  By simply turning off the zombie machine, you too will be able to hone in on the things that really matter and get to achieving those goals on your heart.  

So which do you want more? A season of Empire or the opportunity to build your own?

2. Schedule Your Time on Social Media

This one can get us all.  You’ve likely just spent some time on social media, right? 

It must be said that social media is a great tool, especially if an entrepreneur, as it shrinks the world and makes your products and services easily accessible to a much wider audience. As great as social media can be, however, if we do not limit our time on it, this too can be a detriment to our overall success.

The way to get over this is to schedule your time online.  Set a limit to the amount of time you spend on social media daily or simply schedule the time as you would an appointment.  Show up for the time scheduled, leave, then return for your next appointment.

If, like many, you get lost in the whirlwind of clicks and likes and find hours gone by, try using one of the many apps available that prevent you from hopping online and wasting time.  There’s DISconnect, Self-Control (a Mac app for the computer) and my personal favorite, Freedom.   

Once you’ve disconnected from television and social media, you’re more easily able to plan out your mission to accomplish the next big thing on your plate.  

Of course I don't think you should cut out fun all together, what's a life without fun?  I do, however, want you to be mindful of the temporary trade-off mentioned earlier.

Are you willing to trade off a little fun today for a ton tomorrow?  Are you willing to work smart now, so that you can reap the rewards later?

3. Celebrate The Little Stuff       

We usually skip through life, constantly looking for the next big thing to do on our list, and can be hard on ourselves for not doing things better or sooner.  When we take the time, however, to truly appreciate the mini victories we achieve daily, we’re more likely to continue on with the more difficult tasks.  

Cut down on your television consumption this week and was able to find the time to actually arrange an important meeting ? Great! Mini victory! Celebrate.

Giving ourselves the much needed pat on the back serves as a push in the right direction.  We begin enjoying the journey and seek ways to constantly push on.


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